18 November 2010

And the Award Goes to?

Luckily no one yet!  What award you ask? The First Broken Bone in the Flip Flop family.

Earlier today we thought that the award might go to Mr. Smiley. Yesterday he was running around the car and he tripped and smashed right into the side of the curb with his nose. It was really red, swollen and purple so we were a little concerned. The on-call nurse recommended we take him to the ER in case of a possible head injury, but I opted to just watch him overnight to see how he was doing. I'm glad I didn't spend 5 hours in the ER because he seemed just fine and woke up bright and smiley this morning.

Except for a green and purple nose.

I took him in to the doctor this morning and she suggested we get him x-rayed to cover all the bases even though she couldn't see or feel an obvious break. It is still pretty swollen though so a small break definitely could have been masked by that. When she came back from reviewing the x-rays she thought she saw a break right on the bridge of his nose, but she wanted to review it with the Radiologist. His nose was so bruised and swollen I thought for sure it was broken, but she called later to tell me it wasn't.  Phew!

Mr. Smiley dodged a bullet with this one! Despite his big swollen, purple nose he still is super cute!


Julie said...

Oh, man! I we haven't had any broken bones yet, either, and I dread the day.
He still looks adorable-- hope he gets completely better soon.

Maile Fano said...

Poor guy! I feel for him. I think the nose would be rough.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Glad he's not broken.

The Roz's said...

Oh poor guy! I'm glad he's okay. It's always so sad when they get hurt =(

Melissa said...

Glad to hear it isn't broken!! Hopefully the bruising and swelling will go away soon!

Maren said...

He'll always be super cute though! :) I'm glad he's not injured! And good job not rushing to the ER... Those Docs are super busy as it is! You handled it amazingly well. :)