28 December 2010


We decided that Christmas Eve would be a great day to go enjoy the Christmas thing they have going at Sea World. Our passes have been so great this year! We've definitely gotten much use out of them. My sister and her family came and my Dad and Karen. It was a beautiful day! We originally planned to go Wednesday but with the storm we postponed it. It was a good thing we didn't brave the weather and go anyway because they closed the park due to flooding. The rain was crazy last week! Anyway, Se World was great except Mr. Smiley was kind of grouchy. About an hour later he was sitting on my lap and I realized how warm he was. Fever city. We saw another show and a couple more animals and then decided to get the little trooper home to rest. He ended up having a fever of 102.5 all weekend. Poor little guy.

So Christmas Eve evening was pretty calm once we got home.  We read the Christmas story in the Bible and then The Night Before Christmas and then Mr. Smiley went to bed at 6:45. I had planned to spend  little more time with Big Sister talking about Christmas and getting ready for Santa but she was intent on going to bed with Mr. Smiley too.  So there we no cookies and no note left out for him. The funny thing is that at 7:30 she called out to us that she couldn't fall asleep. I let her come out and have a drink of water and then sent her back to bed. A little while later she did the same thing but since it was getting much later I told her she needed to stay in bed. I'm pretty sure she finally feel asleep around 8:15. Silly girl. Mr. Smiley woke up three times that night so T-Bone and I took turns getting up with him. Consequently Christmas morning came a little too soon for us, but not soon enough for Big Sister! We had a small but wonderful Christmas. All Big Sister wanted was make-up from Santa so he brought her that and a new Barbie. Here are some pictures (most of them will only be exciting to me, but feel free to browse! :) :

 Merry Christmas!



Melissa said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Sorry Mr. Smiley got sick though :( Was Sea World packed? We had talked about going over but with that storm.... :S

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Big Sister in the curlers brings back so many memories of me as a little girl. She looks adorable! And I love the Sea World pictures with you in them, such a pretty gal. :)

Shellybythesea said...

Sweet family pics!