10 December 2010


I noticed with my last post that I can now type in align left again~! It's been a while. It was stuck in center for months. It's the little things these days...

Anyway, so there is a bunch of stuff that I've been mulling around in my head lately and because this is my blog it's going here.

We got a note in the Wednesday envelope from Big Sister's school that someone had pertussis at her school and our children may have been exposed. Now I get the whole wariness of immunizations. I really do. I don't like giving them to my kids. I think that many of them are just ways for the pharmaceutical companies to make a lot of money--especially the flu shot. I also know that some children have reactions to them and I'm really sorry about that. But, and this is a big but, I do it for the good of society. I do it because babies die. As of September 18th, California has had 4,018 cases and 9 deaths this year of this disease. Immunizations help people. Don't put my children in danger.

Moving on...We got our Christmas tree on Monday. Last year we had a two foot tree on our side table and while it was festive in a much smaller scale, this year we decided we wanted a regular size tree. I was sucked in to the Bed Bath & Beyond ad of a 6 foot artificial tree for $50 with a 20% off coupon so for FHE on Monday we headed over there. I couldn't believe they were even selling it. I wish I had thought to take a picture. It was the thinnest Charlie Brownish tree I had ever seen. Needless to say we took one look and kept walking. Instead we played in the back of the store. T-Bone thought it would be fun to try out the fluffiness of the pillows on the bedding displays. He loved it. After our shenanigans at BB&B we headed to Target and found a much better looking tree for the same price.

We had only one string of lights that worked so after a couple days I finally got out to buy some. On Wednesday night Big Sister decided she wanted to decorate the tree. I was in the midst of making dinner so I told her that she could decorate it but that I wouldn't be able to help her until dinner was in the oven. Not five minute into decorating she asks me, "Mom can you help me find...." She paused not knowing what they were called and I seized the opportunity. "No, honey. If you can't find what you are looking for right now, then go do something else." Without missing a beat she asks, "You mean look for them?" **face palm** Turns out she was looking for the hooks to hang the ornaments. We only have two boxes of Christmas decorations and she "looked" through both of them. After dinner T-Bone helped her "look" for them. They were no where to be found. Then I stuck my hand in one of the boxes and not 10 seconds later pulled out a bag of hooks. I remember my mom being so frustrated with us kids because we could never find anything so now I know how she felt.

The tree is now decorated. Big Sister was nice enough to decorate the bottom two thirds of the tree with clusters of ornaments. I wish I had taken a picture. My plan was to systematically move 5 or so ornaments each night so that she wouldn't notice that I had redecorated the tree, but that wasn't necessary. Mr. Smiley helped me the yesterday. Whatever ornament he could reach he would very helpfully pull off the tree and bring to me. Then I would just stick it up on the top undecorated third of the tree. We finally have one of "those" toddler trees. I've given up this year on the "pretty" tree like I've had in the past. Maybe in a couple years.  Ah who am I kidding? In a couple years the tree will be overridden by my children's homemade and "sentimental" ornaments. That will be a nice phase in tree decorating.

Mr. Smiley is at a fun age. He's learning to talk and has started saying quite a few words. Yesterday he said "apple" clear as day. Mostly it's just intonated babbling. You know, the kind where he is talking super intently and pointing and gesturing but you have no idea what the heck he is trying to say. I love it. He can say shoe (which comes out shi but it's always the same), bubble, blanket, here you go is always na-na while he hands us something, all done, diaper and a few more as well. Plus he signs more, all done, food, please and we are working on thank you. He is super fun to have around the house. I love watching him learn and grow!

And finally, next week we are going to be in the audience of the Conan O'Brien show! T-Bone is thrilled and I'm pretty excited too. He just cracks me up. If you haven't seen him in jeggings, I leave you with another video.  Just don't drink anything while watching this. I'm warning you. I cannot be responsible for soda/water/milk/Koolaid all over your computer screen. I'm having a little trouble with the embed so here is the link: http://www.tbs.com/video/conan.jsp?oid=236630&eref=sharethisUrl

So long...


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Totally agree with you on the immunizations.

And tell T-Bone to enjoy the pillow fluffing while he can...the people at BB&B don't take too kindly to that when your son is 9. ;)

And OMGosh, that Conan video is hilarious! I can't believe you guys get to go to a taping...so cool.

Julie said...

Um.....SUPER JEALOUS of your upcoming Conan experience!!!! Lucky!

Melissa said...

Can I give you my reasons for not immunizing my youngest child? We had our middle son immunized on schedule and at 18 months he lost all of his speech. He started to be more withdrawn and quit responding to us. I can't say it was the shots, but I also can't say it wasn't. And the thought that my actions may have caused him to be unable to talk, to play, to act like any other kid... well, that's almost more than I can take. I just couldn't take the risk of doing it to my baby girl too.
Now, I know that the CDC says that there's no way it could be the shots. But, I also think that most government agencies will say what they need to say to cover their butts :)
We are going to get her immunized. Probably this next year. But I wanted her to be bigger. I wanted her immune system to be stronger. I am hoping beyond all hope that it wasn't the shots. And that when she gets the immunizations, she won't change like her brother did.
I know... that's totally selfish. I understand that kids die from these diseases. I can see the need for the shots - I really can. But, for me and my family, we decided to wait.

flip flop mama said...


 I totally thought of you as I was writing this post. I wasn't sure when the autistic symptoms started for your little man.  It breaks my heart that things like that can and do happen. And like you said who knows whether it was the immunizations or not. We like to have something to blame but it's also hard to deny it was the shots when they are developing normal until then. I can totally understand why you would be wary of immunizing Your baby girl. That would be a very scary decision to make. Please know I meant no disrespect as I was writing this post. I know that certain people have their reasons for not immunizing and it's always been that way. But they are protected by society's immunity. That immunity is weakened more and more each year.  My concern is this huge trend toward NOT immunizing. More and more parents are not doing it and so these childhood diseases that used to barely exist are now running rampant. 

bythelbs said...

I stopped redecorating the tree years ago. After all, Christmas is for the kids. It won't be the same when they're not around to put up their homemade ornaments all on the same branch.

madhousewife said...

I look forward to when everyone can decorate the tree without me.