19 December 2011

100 Things I'm Grateful For

 Following in the footsteps of my friend Cheryl, I am taking the challenge in the Ensign to list 100 things I'm grateful for.
10 physical abilities I am grateful for:
1. Walking...even though at this point it's much more of a waddle!
2. I can see
3. Knitting
4. Crocheting
5. Typing on the computer
6. Cooking
7. I can hear
8. I can touch, smell and taste!
9. To be pregnant and have healthy babies
10. To breathe on my own

10 material possessions I am grateful for:
1. My home. Big Sister has been saying in her prayers lately, "Bless all those people who don't have homes." and it's really made me more grateful for our small 2 bedroom apartment
2. My car. Can you imagine traveling to see family and friends that don't live in your neighborhood without a car?
3. Books
4. My bed. We've had a love/hate relationship the last few months, but I love it more than I hate it. I wouldn't want to sleep on the floor!
5. My cell phone that has internet. Makes staying connected to the world so much easier!
6. My comfy couch where I spend most of my time
7. My computer
8. T.V. and movies
9. Shoes
10. Clothes

10 living people I am grateful for:
1. My husband
2. Big Sister
3. Mr. Smiley
4. Little Sister--soon to make her appearance
5. My dad
6. My brother and sister
7. My sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law
8. My friends!
9. My Grandma Price
10. My aunts and uncles and cousins!

6 deceased people I am grateful for (I couldn't think of very many more):
1. Jesus Christ--my personal Savior and Redeemer
2. My Grandpa Price
3. Joseph Smith
4. My ancestors who have made it possible for me to have the life I have
5. President Gordon B. Hinkley
6. Authors who have written classic books

10 things about nature I am grateful for:
1. Sunsets and sunrises
2. The ocean and the sound the waves make
3. Gardens and being able to grow food
4. Flowers
5. The smell after it rains
6. Big tall trees that have stood the test of time
7. The warmth of the sun on my face
8. Mountains
9. Rivers and waterfalls
10. Wide open spaces

10 things about today I am grateful for:
1. That I could get out of bed this morning--albeit a little slow.
2. Yummy hot chocolate for breakfast
3. That I had money to buy things I needed from Target and Trader Joe's
4. That I washed a bunch of baby clothes and the car seat cover. Baby can come any time!
5. The tortilla chips I'm eating right now.
6. That Big Sister has been playing next door for a couple hours and has good friends close by
7. That my kids are happy and healthy!
8. That I got a power nap even though Mr. Smiley didn't take one
9. T-Bone surprised us and came home for lunch!
10. Going to look at Christmas lights tonight

10 places on earth I am grateful for:
1. Big Sur, CA
2. The beach
3. Yosemite
4. Nauvoo, IL
5. San Diego Temple (all temples for that matter!)
6. Anywhere my family is
7. North Shore, Oahu
8. My home
9. New York City--Even though I've never been there, I want to!
10. Gettysburg, PA

10 modern inventions I am grateful for:
1. Washing machine and dryer
2. Dishwasher
3. Electricity
4. Running (and warm) water
5. Internet
6. Computers
7. Grocery stores
8. Microwaves
9. Netflix
10. My iPod

10 foods I am grateful for:
1. Avocados
2. Hot chocolate
3. Frozen chocolate chips and peanut butter
4. Bean and cheese burritos
5. Water
6. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream
7. Blue Cheese stuffed chicken
8. Chicken tortilla soup
9. Spaghetti (it's my fall-back dinner and boy does it come in handy a lot!)
10. Really good soda like these

10 things about the gospel I am grateful for:
1. Scriptures where I can learn about Jesus Christ
2. Taking the Sacrament each week
3. Service
4. The eternal perspective that I have
5. Temples and the peace I feel there
6. Relief Society
7. Priesthood authority
8. Prayer and personal revelation
9. Reading the scriptures with my family
10. The Atonement of Jesus Christ which not only allows me to repent of my sins, but also heals and comforts me.

"When we make a list like this, we discover that a list of 100 doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the things God has given us."

This is so true.  I have been very richly blessed in my life and it's wonderful to actually have all these blessings--plus so many more--written down. You should do this too!

09 December 2011

Too Good Not To Share

I don't usually share recipes but this one is just too good not to pass around. It's one of those that looks really good so it's great for company, and tastes delicious too!

Think backwards buffalo wings. I made this last night with some steamed artichokes and mashed potatoes (from food storage) and it was such a yummy dinner. Even Big Sister eats the chicken.  Now, even if you don't like blue cheese you should try it. I hesitated for too long making this because the husband isn't a fan of blue cheese, but he loves the chicken.

**One little tip: Instead of stuffing them since it makes one side so much fatter than the other I flatten the breasts and then put the filling on one side and then just fold the breast in half and pin it together with toothpicks.


17 November 2011

So Far So Good

Today has been much better than yesterday. I still feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat, but I feel a little more in control today. Of course the day is only half over and generally my emotional outbursts don't happen until between 4 and 6, but I'm confident I'll be able to handle what happens today better than yesterday.  I was able to rest for an hour while I tried--unsuccessfully--to convince Mr. Smiley that it was nap time.  His room is now a complete disaster, but at least there were no injuries to him or any possessions. I call that a success.  Luckily there haven't been any more nose biting incidents.

To those that commented, thank you for your encouraging words. I really appreciate them and your friendship. I was grateful to hear your perspectives that it's easier to have a three kids then be pregnant with two. That gives me hope that I will be able to do this. It really is hard to see that things can get better, but knowing that others have succeeded gives me confidence.  I realize that things are going to be hard for a while but they will get better and I just need to keep plugging on. I can get through these next 8 weeks!

16 November 2011

What was I thinking??

Reality hit me hard today.

I'm going to have three kids in 2 months.

It's taken me 32 weeks of being pregnant to fully grasp that. I haven't really had any time to think about it. I've had a pretty uneventful pregnancy until the last couple weeks so reality hasn't really sunk in.

Mr. Smiley's destructive tendencies and level of activity are inversely proportional to the capacity I have to deal with it. Meaning as I get more and more tired and unable to deal with messes and destruction, he gets more energy and more destructive. Today I was on the phone for 10 minutes, nothing too long, and in that 10 minutes he managed to bite off the nose of my styrofoam head. The one that models my hats? Yeah, that one. The one I need for a craft fair this Saturday. Yep. Luckily I was able to glue it back on and it looks mostly normal, but seriously? Biting off the nose? Who does that? Oh yeah, my 2 year old. Lucky for him I handled it pretty well. Unfortunately later Big Sister wasn't so fortunate and got yelled at.

I haven't been sleeping very well the last week or so. It's getting more and more difficult to roll myself over in bed and consequently I wake up every time I need to change positions. Luckily I usually fall asleep pretty quickly except if it's after 4 or 5 in the morning. Then I just get to lay there uncomfortable for hours until my kids wake up--which thanks to the end of Daylight Savings is usually a lovely 6:10 am. Anyone who knows me knows that without sleep I become a completely different person. Unfortunately not a pleasant one. Annoyed, short tempered, emotional, yelling. Not things I want to be. Today all those lovely qualities showed themselves. I'm not proud of my behavior, I wish I could take it back, but that's what it was.

Luckily T-Bone came home before it got too bad and right after dinner I sent myself to my room. I stayed there for over an hour crying, relaxing and listening to the scriptures while he got the kids ready for bed. It was very therapeutic. I also go to thinking about the future though. How the hell am I supposed to take care of three kids when I can't even keep it together with the two that I already have? What the hell was I thinking?

I know that things will change once I actually have the baby, but it's not like I'm going to be less tired.

Those of you with three kids or more, please tell me it's going to be okay. Please tell me I can do this!

Also please tell me I can make it though the last 2 months of pregnancy. I'm ready to have this baby today.

09 November 2011

Hey look, a post from me!

November is a time to remember what we're thankful for. I'm thankful for a lot of things, but I'm trying to think outside the box of family, house, gospel...you know the things I'm always grateful for.  Today I'm thankful for soft tissues. I know that sounds silly, but when you have allergies soft tissues are one of the best things. I've suffered from allergies on and off for the last few years but the last couple months of my pregnancy have been especially tormenting. I have a continual runny, itchy nose and my right ear is most often clogged. Yes my doctor told me I can take a Zyrtec while I'm pregnant and I have on those really bad days, but I hate that it makes me super exhausted. I mean, I'm already tired enough, I don't need anything else to help me with that. So the soft tissues that soothe my runny nose are a blessing from heaven. I'm so glad I don't have to wipe my nose with leaves or newspaper or something like that.

Speaking of pregnancy, I'm 31 weeks today. 9 to go! I am grateful for this pregnancy too. Already having 2 kids I have a lot to do during the day--as all you parents know--and this pregnancy has been relatively easy for me. Besides the mild discomforts and things that I only discuss with my doctor, the  weird leg thing that prevents me from lifting my right leg more than 5 inches off the ground without holding on to anything and the tiredness it's been pretty easy. I can still even roll myself over in bed. That's huge compared to my past pregnancies! I feel huge but I can still get around and do most everything I need to. I can tell when I've overdone it--that exhaustion really sets in--but overall if I'm smart I do okay.

I was pretty surprised last weekend at how well I'm feeling. I shared a table at a business expo in my neighborhood to sell my knitted and crocheted things. It lasted from 10-3 and I easily lasted that long too! I was glad the chairs were padded though. I ended up breaking even with the table fee and supplies that I had to buy, but I was pretty happy with that! I passed out a few business cards too so hopefully that will lead to some more orders. I was glad for the exposure and it gave me some good experience. So because of that my confidence has grown immensely! There is another neighborhood Holiday Boutique a week from Saturday and I'm going to do that too. This time I'm doing it by myself though so I have to sell more to break even, but I'm hopeful that will happen! And hopefully I'll even make some money this time! Getting ready for these expos and craft fairs has kept me very busy. I love that I can sit on the couch and crochet or knit and tell my husband that I'm not relaxing or wasting time, I'm working. Best job ever.

Anyway, I have to go get ready so I can take Mr. Smiley to the park in an hour. It's a gorgeous day outside today and I don't want to waste it! I'm thankful for San Diego beautiful fall weather! Have a fantastic day!

14 October 2011

What I've been working on

All through the month of September I've been knitting and crocheting like crazy. A friend of mine makes these amazing Waldorf dolls and commissioned me to make some sweaters and booties for her dolls. I've made a couple before but this was a big order. 4 sweaters and 10 pairs of booties takes a long time! I'm happy to say they're done! Check out her Halfpints and Pipsqueaks! They are adorable!

Each night I would sit myself on the couch, turn the TV on and tell T-Bone I was going to "do some work".  That's the kind of job I like!

Because of this, Jamie's Knits, my Etsy store has been greatly neglected but not for long!

11 October 2011

I Am a Christian

I don't watch the news on TV so when I get news it's usually through the internet headlines or something posted on Facebook. The last couple days there has been lots of things posted about Mormon's not being Christians (On a side note, what the heck does a Presidential candidate's religion have to do with his ability to run for President?). I want to take this opportunity to clear this up amongst my friends and family. I may not be what some people define "Christian" but I wanted to share why I believe I am indeed a Christian.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that the only way to receive salvation is through Him. I believe He died for me, was resurrected and that through the power of the Atonement, I can repent of my sins and return to live with him and my Heavenly Father.

I believe that although Joseph Smith restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the earth in the 1800's it was only under the direction of Jesus Christ. It is His church and everything we teach is what our Savior wants us to know. As one of the Book of Mormon prophets wrote,
And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins. 2 Ne 25:26
Instead of listening to someone who clearly has no idea what he's talking about, do your own research. Go look at Mormon.org and make a decision yourself.

My name is Jamie, I'm a wife, a mom, a Californian. I am a Mormon and I am a Christian.

19 September 2011

Pressing Forward and Clinging

A couple weeks ago I finished the Book of Mormon again. I mostly listened to it and had a good experience but nothing special.  After finishing I considered reading something else like the New Testament or the Doctrine & Covenants but decided that I needed to read the Book of Mormon again. When I started it again, I said a special prayer to help me get more out of it this time. I really wanted to try to study and learn instead of just being able to check off that I listened to it during the day.

So a couple days ago I was reading in 1 Nephi and came across this passage in Chapter 8 verse 24:
And it came to pass that I beheld others pressing forward, and they came forth and caught hold of the end of the rod of iron; and they did press forward through the mist of darkness, aclinging to the rod of iron, even until they did come forth and partake of the bfruit of the tree.
For those that aren't familiar with what is happening in this chapter, Lehi has seen a vision of the Tree of Life. Instead of explaining it further, I recommend you go and read the whole chapter.  The vision basically symbolizes our journey through life and eventual goal to reach eternal life. So back to the verse above...

Two things jumped out at me in this verse. The phrase "pressing forward" and "clinging". I loved the imagery these brought to my mind. The people in Lehi's vision were pressing forward through the mist of darkness. The new that they couldn't just wander through life without guidance and hope to reach their goal of eternal life, they needed something to hold on to. They also didn't wait for it to come to them, they worked hard to get there. When I think of someone pressing forward I think about an athlete in a race. I swam in High School and can remember having to be in the 500 yard event. Distance was not my thing. I could do just fine on sprints and even short distance events but the 500 was murder. There was a time I can remember where I didn't think I was going to finish, my body could not move any more. I knew I couldn't give up though, I had to keep going. I pressed forward through that water and even though I finished dead last, I finished. It took all the strength I had but I did it. I pressed forward, I didn't stop until I reached my goal. That's what I see these people in Lehi's dream doing.

And then once they got to the Iron Rod they clung to it. They didn't just touch it or even hold on to it, they clung to it like it was their life support. They had worked so hard getting out of the mists of darkness that they hung on to the rod with dear life as they walked forward. They knew that if they let go there was a chance they could fall into the mists of darkness and be lost again. Back to the swimming analogy: Sometimes pools are deeper than you can touch when you finish a race--let's face it most swimming pools are deeper than I can touch being 5'2"--but when you get to the end of a race and you can't touch, the wall is all you have to hold on to. You cling to that wall and don't let go. If you do, you would sink.

The Gospel, Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon are the things that we need to be pressing forward to get to and clinging on to when we get them. Life takes work. Having a testimony of the Atonement and the gospel take work. We need to not be wanderers in the mists of darkness, hoping that we will find the Iron rod to hold on to, but we should press forward until we find it and cling onto it when we do. Our life and salvation depend on it.

10 September 2011

Vacation Rundown--Part 3 (The Final Chapter!)

I know you all have been waiting with baited breath for the third and final--thank goodness!--installment of our Northern California vacation back in July. Yes I know it's the middle of September. Anyway, here goes....

We pick up the day after my grandpa's funeral, on Thursday. Orignally we had thought we'd just drive home on Thursday but since T-Bone could take the time off we decided to stick around the bay area and make a real vacation out of it! My brother and sister-in-law were there too so we spent the day with them.

We went to San Francisco around Pier 39 and once again this is as close as I've gotten to Alcatraz. I have wanted to go there my whole life. Someday...

We took the kids on a Cable Car ride
Rode the carousel at the Zeum museam
Found the Painted Ladies houses
These are houses I've wanted to see my whole life too. At least I can cross that off the list now. And how cool is it that my Grandparents lived in the one next to the yellow one?? So cool.

After an exhausting day in the city we drove to Los Altos and stayed in a crappy hotel. It had this door in the back that was bolted shut with a piece of sheet metal and reeked of cigarette smoke. We did eat at this super yummy sports bar for dinner though. The greasiest food I've probably ever eaten, but we were all starving and it was delicious!

The next day we stopped by and said good bye to my Grandma. Rachel got some one on one time.
And we took a picture with all of us.

After we left my Grandma's house on Friday we hit the road. On the way home we planned to stop at Henry Cowell Redwood Park in Santa Cruz to break up the trip a little. Imagine our surprise when we kept hearing the Thomas the Train song and train whistles when we pulled up. It was the Day Out With Thomas! So we hung out there a little while and took a picture with Thomas and Sir Thopham Hatt.

Then we walked around the redwood grove and saw all the huge trees.

We hit quite a bit of traffic on the way home and since we spent more time at the redwood grove then we planned it took us quite a while to get home. We pulled in at 1 am I think. Needless to say we were exhausted! I'm glad we had decided to drive home on Friday so we could have Saturday to recuperate. We needed it! Luckily the kids slept most of the night in the car so it wasn't too bad for them.

All in all it was great to get away and have a family vacation. Mr. Smiley loved the trip!

09 September 2011

The Great Power Outage of 2001

**This post will probably be super boring for most of you, but I just wanted to get it down for history's sake**
Yesterday I was walking home from getting Big Sister from school and a neighbor asked if we had any power. It was on when I left, but off when we got home. If you haven't heard the news here's the story. In short some guy was doing maintenance on a plant in Arizona and something happened which caused a chain reaction to occur. This knocked out power to all of San Diego, Imperial, and some of Orange counties, as well as parts of Mexico and Arizona. Serious stuff. By one guy. I was fine with the outage until I started to hear that it was at T-Bone's work, and at my dad's house too. Then I started to realize that this this was big. Something huge had happened. I kept trying to get online on my cell phone to find some news, but it wouldn't connect. I couldn't call out or get calls. The only thing I could do was text. I'm glad I had that or I would have felt really lost!

Luckily our heat wave this week has been waning so we kept our windows closed and it didn't get too hot in our apartment. I can't imagine this happening two days ago when it was 97 degrees and 55% humidity. We were able to open our windows in the evening and the air was a pleasant, cool temperature. We took a walk to the grocery store to get a few things--luckily I had grocery shopped a couple days before--like bread and bagels. Everyone there was nice and calm and just waiting their turn in the long lines. It was nice to see how people in my community reacted. I heard about block parties and group barbeques, San Diego is a good place to live. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips and fruit for dinner. Yum! Not enough to satisfy my pregnant belly but it was good enough for what we had. We were preparing to not have power for at least 24 hours, school is cancelled today and we weren't sure whether T-Bone would go to work or not. AFter dinner we sat on the porch where the moonlight was the brightest and just took in the evening. We listened to the news on our solar powered hand crank radio--which we put batteries in. And I've come to the conclusion that we need a camping stove. I need to know I can cook something. We had tons of food but it was canned or otherwise needed cooking. Emergency wise we are pretty much set--we have our 72 hour kits with spare clothes and emergency water and food. But we don't have a way to last those first 24 hours. A camping stove would really have come in handy last night.

Luckily we were blessed to have our power back on at 10 o'clock! The neighbors were cheering and jeering too since that meant they had to go to work. But we were all grateful to have our conveniences restored to us.

I always forget how much I rely on electricity. We have an electric stove and oven, the garbage disposal is electric, obviously lights, tv and computer (but I can live without those things for a few hours). I was hungry. I had planned fish tacos for dinner and was really looking forward to eating them. I can only eat bread and fruit and cereal for so long--plus it just doesn't fill me up! Pregnancy makes me a insatiable monster when it comes to food. I can eat a whole meal and half an hour later be starving. I managed to eat enough food so I could sleep and did so like normal.

The kids were a little freaked out. I made the mistake of telling Big Sister that it was going to be really dark last night since there wasn't going to be any street lights or anything. She was getting a little scared, but went to bed just fine. Mr. Smiley on the other hand has developed a fear of the dark in the last few weeks. Yay. He would freak out if it got too dark or if we turned off the flash lights. He wanted to carry one around all night, but since we didn't know how long we'd be without power we wanted to ration the battery life we had. So we kept him up until he was good and tired. I tried laying down with him in the living room but he wasn't having it. Then I saw a friend mention something about glow sticks in her daughter's room on her Facebook page. I gave him a green stick and sent him to bed. It worked like a charm! He was so happy to have his own "green yight" and I was glad he went to bed without much of a fuss.

Power was slowly restored through the night and by 4 am all of San Diego had power. SDGE worked really hard to get us all up and running. I'm glad to have my power back on!

02 September 2011

I just don't get it

I got my first taste of the new "Breast Cancer Awareness" Facebook status game yesterday. My friend wrote, "I'm 4 weeks and craving bubblegum." Figuring this particular woman would not be getting pregnant and announcing it at 4 weeks and also craving bubblegum I knew there was something up. This morning another friend posted something similar but with a different number of weeks and craving something different. Call me slow but I started to catch on that there was a Facebook chain letter thing going on. (In case you haven't seen it here's a link that explains it.)

Also call me crazy, but I just don't get it. The bra color thing was funny 2 years ago because it actually had something to do with breast cancer, but I thought the purse thing last year was pushing it. This year it's just going too far. What the heck does announcing a fake pregnancy have to do with raising breast cancer awareness??????

Seriously, it's driving me nuts. There has got to be a better way. Maybe I'm just a simpleton, but how about, "September is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Feel your boobies." or just posting a link to the Breast Cancer Awareness website? I'm pretty sure that gets the point across a lot more than confusing a bunch of people and possibly even hurting others feelings. Maybe I'm just ultra-sensitive because of my pregnancy history, but I rank this along the same lines as April Fool's jokes where women announce their fake pregnancies just to get a laugh.

Some of you probably don't agree with me and may even think it's funny. Rest assured that I bear no hard feelings if you want to play along, this is my opinion and my opinion only, but I won't be playing along. Instead I'm just going to ignore them and hope they stop. Ugh...

26 August 2011

Vacation Rundown--Part 2

Well I am really slacking at getting these vacation posts up. I can always find something I want to do more...If you missed the first one, here it is.

So after we left Crestline on Tuesday afternoon we drove all day to the Bay Area. I won't bore you with the mundane details of an 8 hour car trip.

The next day was my Grandpa's funeral. It was so wonderful to be there. I was really grateful we made the trip. Late last year I kept getting the feeling that we needed to see my grandparents, so if you remember in January we took a trip to see my grandparents. I was so glad we made that trip to be able to see my grandpa once more before he died. All my siblings and spouses were there and so many cousins, aunts and uncles (all of them actually) I hadn't seen in years! It made for a great family reunion. It's weird how funerals can do that...on one hand they are sad and somber--I miss my grandpa--but I loved seeing my family!

T-Bone and my brother being awesome

The boys of the family

The girls of the family

Me, my siblings and spouses

My uncle Phil gave the eulogy and I learned things about my grandpa I never knew. He won the award for most likely to be the most successful dentist (or something to that effect) from UCSF. He practiced for 37 years and was very well loved by his patients. He told his kids before he died, "People are important. Things are not." Great words of advice that I think will become the family motto. A few other things I want to remember: he had appendicitis; loved to garden-which I knew; loved technology and especially new technology. He always had to have the latest thing. He was super smart and loved to learn. He had an amazing testimony and loved to teach people. He knew what his purpose on earth was but he was ready to move on and get going on his next purpose.  Before he died he told my aunt Kathy "Do you know what the plan is?  When I die, they are going to send me to a very large hill so I can teach the gospel to a lot of people." My dad spoke then about Grandpa's love of the gospel and of the truth of the resurrection. He ended his talk by reciting "Did Jesus really Live Again".

Did Jesus really live again?
Yes, when the third day came,
He wakened and he left the tomb;
He called Mary’s name.

Did Jesus come to those he loved?
Yes, people touched his feet,
And of the fish and honeycomb
He did truly eat.

And there were nail-prints in his hands
And a spear wound in his side.
Did Jesus really live again
After he had died? Oh yes! And so shall I!

It was perfect. Of course there were tears shed, but how can you be sad about a life so well lived? He was a great man. I feel blessed to have known, loved and been related to him.

After the funeral I tried to get pictures of the grandchildren on my side of the family but that was like herding cats. It didn't work very well.
Uncle Tyler and Abbie
My darling niece Abby
All cousins except my brother's kids
All the cousins on my side...it was rough trying to get pictures of them...
Big Sister with cousin Elizabeth
My sister
My sister-in-law with her daughter, Millie
After the service we went to the gravesite and one of my uncles dedicated the grave. Then we had a luncheon and said goodbye to most of the family. I wish we could have spent more time together though!

Jesse, Elizabeth and Grandma
Grandma and Jesse
My cousins carrying my Grandpa's casket
The pallbearers--all of these are my cousins except my brother
Jesse and my Dad

Later that day we went to Pacifica with my brother and his family and just relaxed on the beach while Jesse surfed.
Playing in the sand. This boy loves sand!
Jesse catching some waves

Jumping off cliffs!

Despite having to say goodbye on this earth to my grandpa it was a great day with friends and family.

**stay tuned for installment number 3...hopefully a lot quicker than this one. **

12 August 2011


To say I am surprised today is putting it lightly. I am blown away. Yet despite my astonishment I am thrilled and as happy as I could be.

We had our big ultrasound appointment this morning. Yesterday I put a poll on Facebook to see whether others thought we were having a boy or a girl and the boys won out 11-10. Turns out half my Facebook friends were as wrong as I was.

This little person coming in January is a GIRL!

I seriously could not believe my eyes. Last week when I had an appointment I asked my nurse midwife to do a quick ultrasound to see if she could tell what we were having. Friends who are not quite as far along as me already knew and I was getting antsy! I couldn't be sure but thought I saw some tell-tale lines but the machine was old and she was having a hard time getting a good between the legs shot so I dismissed it. When the ultrasound tech was taking all the boring measurements and things I thought I caught a glimpse of the tell-tale three lines but I couldn't believe it that time either. But sure enough when it was time to "determine the sex" it was there. I've seen 'em both and this was certainly a girl. Unless this Mr. is really shy it is a Miss. I had to laugh. I told the tech to look again. I laughed some more.

Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy I've been sure it's a boy. I had no reason to think otherwise. I "felt" it was a boy. Then a couple weeks ago I had a small fleeting feeling that it might be a girl. Nah...But what if?? kept going through my head. Big Sister has been talking non-stop about it being a girl and because she already has a little brother it makes sense that now she would get a little sister. She even picked a name out for her a week ago. I was trying softly to tell her that we would love either a boy or a girl hoping to soften the blow for when we found out it was a boy. Turns out I should have listened to her all along. Little people can be more right I guess.

Needless to say she is thrilled! "I knew it was a girl!" she said when we told her, but surprisingly she hasn't really said much since. Mr. Smiley says, "No!" when we tell him that there's a baby in mommy's tummy so clearly he has no idea what's going on. I'm sure he will be the best of big brothers.

This will sure be interesting though. I have nothing. As in I just gave away the last bin of girl clothes on Wednesday. My sister has a few things I saved that I loved from Big Sister but that's it. We are pretty much starting from scratch but that's okay, worse things have happened. She will have a place to sleep and be loved by so many people.

Surprises can be awesome.  We are super excited for you to join our family Little Sister.

11 August 2011

Vacation Rundown--Part 1

To document our vacation a couple weeks ago I will be doing these obligatory vacation rundown posts. Read them if you want....

To give a little preface: A couple months ago I told T-Bone I really wanted to have a "real" family vacation--one where we didn't go to visit family, just us. Through the help of a friend and my mom I came up with the idea to go to Lake Gregory in Crestline, California. We decided to stay in a little cabin for a couple days and just enjoy the lake and surrounding area. Originally we were going to go up Monday and stay until Wednesday. Then, a few days before we found out my dear Grandpa passed away so we were lucky enough to be able to alter our plans.

We drove up Sunday afternoon after church and checked into our cabin. Crestline was much bigger than we had anticipated. We were picturing a really tiny mountain town around the size of Julian, CA but there are about 10,000 people that live there. I was so glad we got a cabin instead of just a hotel room. It had one room in the back with a double bed and then a futon in the front room. It was nice to be able to shut the kids in the back and not have to go to bed when they did. Some funny things about the cabin though was it was tiny. I think the whole cabin could fit in our kitchen and living room area--with space to spare. It was just fine for what we needed though. Another funny thing was the shower. You could tell it was an afterthought--the cabins had been there for quite a while because it was, well, here's a picture:

That's the door to get into the shower. I couldn't even fit without turning. It's a good thing I wasn't more pregnant or I don't think I would have been able to fit at all! It was quite roomy once you got in there, but it was like they just cut this foot and a half slot in the wall and then built on the shower. Very interesting. There also was no table--except we found one as we were cleaning up in the closet, whoops!--so there was a lot of eating on the floor.

 Some photos from dinner the first night sitting on the floor.

Since it was Sunday when we got there we took the opportunity to just walk around the small town and see what we could see. We were just a block from the lake and quite a few restaurants. It's a cute town.

On Monday we woke up and just relaxed for a little bit watching cartoons. The lake didn't open until 10 so we took our time in the morning. When were were ready we headed over. The lake was cold! Big Sister had fun right away but Mr. Smiley wasn't too fond of it for quite a while. Here are some pictures from the day:
Big Sister and Daddy testing out the water
Big Sister on the waterslide!
T-Bone's turn
Daddy dragged Mr. Smiley out to the water but he was not thrilled to be there

Mr. Smiley liked the splash pad better

After a while Mr. Smiley got a little brave and touched the water!

Then decided it wasn't too bad and splashed a little

Gorgeous day at the lake!
We took a ride on the aqua cycle
and got soaked under the fountain!
Mr. Smiley and Daddy had a turn too
After a fun day at the lake we ended it with Round Table Pizza, some coloring and TV time. The next day we drove to San Francisco. More to come later....