11 January 2011

I bought a friend

Meet my new friend Guinevere. I bought her a couple weeks ago. Since I've been spending so much time on my couch knitting and crocheting I thought I should buy someone who can keep me company instead of having real friends. 
She helps me take pictures of all my things.

 Especially hats

But not socks of course.

However, sometimes I use real people

I made all these plus 4 military hats and two others like that light greenish one since Christmas. Obsessed much? 


Julie said...

I LOVE that dark brown one. LOVE it. You are a machine!

flip flop mama said...

Thanks Julie! That one was so fast and easy, I loved making it! (If you want me to make you one, let me know. I will...You pick the color)

Melissa said...

Girl... you are awesome!! Those hats look amazing! Good job :)

Melissa said...

Oh, and I love you're new friend :) She seems sweet. Maybe a little quiet, but I bet she never talks back ;)

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, those are all adorable! Did I miss the link to your Etsy shop? How can one purchase a Guinevere-modeled hat?