23 January 2011

Northern California Vacation

Last week we took our "first" family road trip. It was only sort of our first because we've driven to Arizona a couple times since we've had Mr. Smiley, but this was our first trip with more distance than that. My grandparents live in Menlo Park, CA and T-Bone's sister lives in Sacramento so our plan was to see them both. We drove up half way on Monday and then spent the night at a pretty dumpy hotel in Arroyo Grande, CA. I really liked the little town but the hotel wasn't what we hoped for. It reeked of cigarette smoke--even though it was a non-smoking room--and our bed creaked! Mr. Smiley has a hard time sleeping in his port-a-crib and he didn't disappoint this time. I'm not sure how much sleep we got that night only to be woken up at 5:00 in the morning. Big Sister got woken up too so we got an early start on the second leg of the drive!

We made it to Menlo Park at around noon and had a good visit with my Grandparents.
Me, the kids and Grandpa

Mr. Smiley and Grandma

Giving high 5's as we were leaving

and fist pumps

Later that night we drove to Sacramento area to stay with T-Bone's sister. We stayed there three days and went to the Train Museum, Fairy Tale Town and took a walk through one of the nature areas. The kids had a great time while were were there, but our mornings came way too early. Mr. Smiley slept in our room and woke up every morning at 5:30 after waking up once or twice at night. We planned on staying Friday night and driving home on Saturday but we couldn't bear one more night of non-sleep so we drive home Friday afternoon. We got home at 10pm and Big Sister went right to sleep, but Mr. Smiley had just woken up so we let him stay up for an hour. He must have been seriously sleep deprived because he slept in until 10 the next morning.

This train was so big each of it's wheels was 6 feet tall!

It was sad when they got eaten by a hippo drinking fountain

There was a little girl who lived in a crooked house

Driving Cinderella's carriage


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing your photos - they're fantastic! I'm glad you got a little vacation - next time maybe you'll get to sleep more!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Adorable pictures!!