11 January 2011

Today, While the Sun Shines

Today, while the sun shines, work with a will;
Today all your duties with patience fulfill.
Today while the birds sing, harbor no care; 
Call life a good gift; call the world fair.
Today, today, work with a will;
Today, today, your duties fulfill.
Today, today, work while you may; 
Prepare for tomorrow by working today.

The sun is actually shining today and there is some warmth in the air. I have this song stuck in my head. I have no complaints though. It's a good reminder. I need to work. I have been doing A LOT of knitting and crocheting recently. Neither of those things are inherently bad--in fact I'm knitting for a good cause--but I have realized something: That's pretty much all I do. Sure I clean my house when it needs it and go grocery shopping and cook dinner for my family but there are other things that I can do with my day. I'm just barely doing the minimum. That's not to say I'm swearing off knitting and crocheting. Hardly. I don't think I could function without my newest obsession but I find myself thinking less and less about other things that I need to do around the home.

I have a goal to make videos of the kids' lives. We have thousands of pictures that don't really get looked at and it would be fun to be able to make videos each year of them. I know Big Sister would especially love to watch one of herself. But instead of heading to the computer when Mr. Smiley is taking a nap or after they go to bed, I squat my ever increasing bum down on the couch to knit my latest project. Because I sit SO much my bootie is bigger and my abs are non-existent. To give myself some credit I usually listen to the scriptures or whatever book I'm currently reading as well so it's not all for vain.

But I guess I'm kind of bumming myself out lately because I really have things to say on my blog, but I get distracted by yarn and forget all about them. In fact if it wasn't for my iPhone I probably wouldn't read much email or blogs because I hardly ever sit down at the computer. Make no mistake, I'm not apologizing for not blogging--I hate it when people do that, it is for me after all--I just want my brain back. I think I may have knitted so much my brain has gone soft. It is very relaxing.

So this morning I got out of bed at 6:45 pulled my dusty yoga mat out from under the couch and I did some sit ups and stretches before I started my day. I figured that would be a good place to start to do something new. I also don't like New Years resolutions so I'm going to try to have a new personal improvement goal each month. This month I'm working on laying off my kids (thanks to the advice of Julie.) I'm going to let Big Sister be more of a kid; she needs that. I'm also going to strengthen my abs so I don't become a slouch every time I sit down. The month is almost half over so we'll see how I do.

I'm going to work while I can.


Julie said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am trying, but I'm really hormonal this week and I'm having a hard time. At least I'm aware of it, though, right? I exercised for 25 minutes longer than usual today just to try to blow off some steam. It does seem to help.
For great core work, try Jillian's new 6 week 6 pack. It's all core and it's impressive.

Thus endeth the unsolicited advice portion of this comment.

I love that hymn and even though the sun doesn't shine much in Cache Valley (inversions=dank pollution skies), I need to work more. Laundry and grocery shopping today before we have to start wearing swimsuits to school.

Melissa said...

I don't know what it is about this year... but I'm feeling rather overwhelmed with... um... everything :) Thanks for the reminder that it's not impossible to get back into the game and get things accomplished!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ooo, I love that hymn too. Thanks for the reminder (and the giggles).