08 January 2011

What do your kids watch?

Big Sister is 6. Right now she is watching Dora instant streaming on Netflix. Words cannot begin to describe how much I despise that show. Why do they all yell? Drives me nuts. It bugs me also that she loves it so much. The thing is though that I'm not sure it would bug me so much if she was younger. I kind of think she's too old to be watching Dora. Am I crazy?

But here's the other thing....I have no idea what 6 year old girls watch on TV. We don't have cable and so all the shows she watches are either a DVD that we have or instant streaming on Netflix. What do your kids watch? Are they still watching Dora when they're 6? I also don't want her watching a lot of the other shows that they have on TV today though either. They just seem so grown up. She's kind of in the middle between the preschool shows and the older kid shows.

Well, I'm off to browse the Children & Family category to try to find more age appropriate shows for Big Sister. Any suggestions would be great!


Cheryl said...

Shows my kids love:

Dinosaur Train
Phineas and Ferb (I admit I watch it, too)
Avatar, The Last Airbender (on Netflix)
Tom and Jerry
Star Wars, The Clone Wars

If she like Dora, man, LOVE IT. Because that is at least a show that will teach her how to follow directions, solve problems, and learn a little Spanish. It might annoy you, but Barney used to annoy the crap out of me. I still let my kids watch it, though, because I knew it wasn't "bad", you know what I mean? My older kids love the Disney Channel shows, now, and although I allow some (I HATE, HATE, HATE Hannah Montana), there's a definite line I draw.

Shellybythesea said...

"Tom and Jerry"....Popeye the Sailor Man....Wile Coyote...the Roadrunner....3 stooges with the "real" Curley! "Spanky and Our Gang"....and my favorite...."Mighty Mouse" cuz he could really fly!!!

The Price Family said...

It didn't even cross my mind that they yelled until just now. I wonder if that is what E gets it from. Everything on my list is via Netflix:
Super Why
Veggie Tales
All Dogs go to Heaven cartoon
Chip and Dale

Julie P said...

these are our "shows" - i can't remember what's on TV vs. Netflix!
Martha Speaks
Dino Train
Between the Lions
Sesame Street
Tom and Jerry
Super Why
Angelina Ballerina
Veggie Tales

And the movies!!

Anonymous said...

Dora is a really dumb show. We swore we'd never let our kids watch it. But once upon a time we also swore we'd never let our kids watch Barney, and to date I believe we have about 47 Barney videos. FWIW, my oldest was still watching Barney when she was 8. But that was an extreme situation.

My youngest (5) discovered Dora on Netflix streaming. At the time I was so frustrated with having to entertain her every minute of the day that I might have let her watch anything short of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Her older siblings seem to have soured her on Dora lately, though--which kind of makes me mad because she got a Dora Backpack (as in Backpack backpack, Backpack backpack, etc.) for Christmas that she LOVED until her sibs started harassing her about Dora not being cool.

Yeah, I've got nothing. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

Staceygirl said...

I hate the yelling, too, but I put up with it. Kallie loves Diego. Paige likes Tinkerbelle and Angelina Ballerina. I'm guessing from her choice in backpacks, those wouldn't work for big sis. My mom gave us some Little Bear videos, and other than the bear being a strangely human form without any clothes, it's a sweet show.

Staceygirl said...

PS - I don't like Paige to watch iCarly and Hannah Montana - I agree that they're not age appropriate, but she finds out about these shows from cousins and kids at school and then wants to watch them.

flip flop mama said...

Thank you all for your ideas! I did some searching on Netflix and added a few shows. I also got to thinking that it wasn't so much that Big Sister is 6 and is still watching Dora that bugged me but that Dora just flat out bugs me....

I added some Arthur which we used to watch when we had cable, Jimmy Neutron, Shaun the Sheep, Word Girl and a few others.

Stacey, just because Big Sister has a blue backpack doesn't change the fact that her favorite colors are pink and purple. She's very girly.