16 February 2011

etsy and Other Exciting Happenings

My etsy store is now stocked again! It has much better things than it did the first time. I'm actually quite embarrassed that I posted the things I did. I'm glad most of them didn't sell. Here is the link Jamie's Knits. Yep, for those that don't know that is my real name. I have been knitting and crocheting nonstop pretty much the last few months and I'm happy to say I really love it. I also love to make custom things for people, so please ask if there is anything you want. And now that I'm shamelessly done promoting myself I'll move on to other topics.

My body hurts. My thighs are bruised, my back is bruised, my sides are achy and bruised. No I haven't been abused. I went Indoor Go-Kart racing last night. A couple months ago T-Bone found a Groupon for basically buy one, get one free so we bought one and so did his brother. We had a one-day-past-Valentine's Day double date last night and that's where we went. It really was fun but it's pretty brutal. Before racing we were planning on going to this restaurant in Cardiff by the Sea but we drove around and around trying to find it. The guys were looking at the map on their phones and they said it looked like it should be in the San Elijo campgrounds but we didn't know how that would be possible. We called them and no one answered. Finally T-Bone pulled up their website and sure enough it was in the campgrounds and it closed at 6:00pm. Who ever heard of a restaurant closing at 6? So we went to another place and it was delicious. We decided to go to Las Olas accidentally again.

The other thing that hurts is my tooth. I'm pretty sure I need a root canal. I'm really no happy about this because it seems like as soon as we get any money (we just filed out tax return) we need to spend it on something worthless--like, say, teeth. I am grateful though, that the pain didn't come when we didn't have the money. The other day I had what felt like a sinus headache. I took some Tylenol and it subdued it but the pressure was still there. Then yesterday the pain pinpointed itself to the side of my face right above my jaw line. You know, where the roots are? Yeah, right there. Luckily there is a dentist right around the corner that I will be visiting today to make an appointment.

Last weekend I survived the climbing out of the crib debacle. Mr. Smiley can indeed get out of his crib. I ended up turning it around so the taller side is in front and taking out his crib bumper which he was using as a boost. That seemed to stop the climbing periodically, until he figured out how to get out again. The good thing is he doesn't do it regularly. When he is legitimately tired he will stay in his crib like this morning when I put him down for his nap. We are going to get Big Sister a regular twin bed--instead of the loft bunk bed she has (She has been sleeping in her sleeping bag on the floor the last few nights)--so that the room is safer if he gets out at night and probably have to get Mr. Smiley a toddler bed within the month if he keeps doing this. At least he can't open doors....yet.

In lighter news, Big Sister and I had a funny conversation today. To preface, Mr. Smiley's new favorite thing is to close doors. If any happen to be open, they won't be for long.
BS: Why is my bedroom door closed?
Me: Mr. Smiley did it.
BS: (frustrated) Why does he have to close all the doors? Then I have to open it every time I want to go in there!
**Life is really hard when your six and can't even summon the energy to open a door.

She can be pretty charming sometimes too. Last month we were driving home from somewhere and she said, "You know how much I love you Mom? The whole universe. I only love Daddy the earth."

Well that's all for this Wednesday of Flip Flop Mama. I hope you have a wonderful day.


Julie said...

Love it! Big Sister is funny.

My Cannon can get out of his crib and has been able to for a month or so now. Like Mr. Smiley, he's pretty good to stay in it if he's really tired. I don't mind not having to go downstairs to get him out of bed anymore. :)

Staceygirl said...

Wow, those items in your Etsy store do not look like they could be made by hand. They are so good! I don't know where you get the patience, but hurrah for you! That baby hat is so sweet.

Emily said...

A. Jamie is an awesome knitting queen!

B. What is it with little boys and doors? We had to make a "no playing with doors" rule really quick!!

C. I wished we lived closer!