28 February 2011

Knitting for Better--Final Tally

It's been 2 months since the beginning of my Knitting for Better project. I set a goal to deliver 20 hats to Yarning for You by February 28, 2011. Many of you helped out either knitting-wise or with donations. I am so grateful to all of you who helped! I was able to get $40 worth of money donated and bought tons of yarn with it. In fact I still have money and yarn left over so this will not be the end of my charity knitting projects!

So to the total: I am proud to say that we met our goal of 20! Two of my friends and I knitted the hats thanks to the yarn money donation of others!

A heartfelt THANK YOU! to all those that helped. 

Since I have so much supplies left over I will continue knitting hats for people in need. In our local area we have the North County Interfaith Community and other local shelters that I will contact to see if they are in need of any thing like this. Who doesn't need a hat??

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Congrats on accomplishing such a worthy goal. Job well done!