28 March 2011

My Family

On Friday we had our family pictures taken. My friend Brooke took them and I can't wait to see them when they are ready! Taking family pictures gave me an opportunity to explain to Big Sister about coordinating outfits and getting our hair just right. And also that she had no choice in what she wore. :) On a more serious note I explained to BS that this is a time when we get to document wheat our family looks like at a certain time in history. I take pictures of the kids all the time and T-Bone but rarely do we all 4 end up in a picture worth saving together.  It was a fun experience and I'm sure the pictures will turn out great.

Later, I read this article. You should read it too--go ahead, I'll wait. To summarize, she talks about how she is not the kind of feminist that we usually think of--looking for success and worth outside of the home. Instead she relishes the eternal role of wife, mother and woman as it was divinely arranged. She makes the point that the only way we can reach our full potential and do the most good in the world is in the family.

While this is a really great essay, it really didn't do anything new for me except put into words what I feel in the way toward feminism. It did however lead as a springboard in my thought process to the general and more broad topic of the family. My family in particular. I have a wonderful, hardworking and loving husband and two adorable children--if I do say so myself. T-Bone and I were married in the San Diego Temple and while this may not mean anything to some of you it means the world to me. It means that no matter what happens to either of us or our children in this life--if we are living a righteous and worthy life--we will live together forever. We were married for time and eternity. I treasure this.

Each day I look at my children and hope I'm teaching them the right things. I hope I am being a good example for them. I know I fall short many days--I'm nowhere near perfect--but I do my best. I believe in the principle of eternal families and that each member of the family has a special role to play. I believe that women were divinely designed to do what we do--bear and nurture our children--and that we can find pure joy in this endeavor.

I am grateful to be able to document our family on Saturday "officially" because it helps me remember what is really important in life. The Family.


Emily said...

That article about feminism explains how i've felt for years.

I think that we as women needs to reclaim that word and it's negative connotation!!

love it!!

cant wait to see pictures!

Melissa said...

Wonderfully put!!

Looking forward to seeing your moment in history :)

Anonymous said...

Your family is lovely. And lovable, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful family.

Staceygirl said...

The fact that I'm doing a really important job in raising my children doesn't change the fact that I don't feel completely fulfilled in my role. And so, I guess it is my quest to discover how I can achieve personal fulfillment and still raise my children. I believe many moms (certainly not all) are in the same predicament. We are constantly told how important it is to stay home (and I agree with that... don't get me wrong), so we search and search for meaning in it, but for some of us it is hard and it doesn't come naturally. It's certainly a struggle for me, and it hurts to feel like I'm giving up my hopes and dreams for those of my kids, no matter how important it is. Once in a while, though, you see the influence you are having, and it helps. I went to a student led conference with Paige at her school, and she had this journal with a page that said, "When I grow up, I want to be..." and she had written in there, "A mom." Then the book asked, "Why?" and she had written, "Because that's what my mom is." You have no idea the tears that wanted to burst out at that moment. Am I oversharing?

flip flop mama said...

I don't know if the point is to feel *completely* fulfilled as a mom. I'm not saying we should never look for other things to fulfill us as women, but if we lose sight of the fact that being a mom is the most important job then that's when we are headed down the wrong path. I love my kids and family but I find joy in lots of other things as well.