15 March 2011

Warm Souls: Help for Japan

I don't know about you but my eyes have been drawn to the devastation in Japan and my heart goes out to all the survivors and their families. I cannot imagine what they are going through over there. My aunt and uncle live in Tokyo right now and I just found out today they are going to Hawaii tomorrow. I can't be more relieved to know they are going to be away from all the terrible things that are happening. I wish that we could provide a way for everyone who wanted to leave to do so. But unfortunately, we can't. There are things we can do though: donate to the LDS Humanitarian Fund or another charity to help the recovery efforts. I would like to suggest another way if you don't want to donate money.

For the last two years our Stake has been making quilts to donate to those in need. We call it Warm Souls. We have donated over 150 tied quilts to people in our community and to the LDS Church. This is an ongoing project. Our Stake Relief Society President called the LDS Humanitarian Servies to ask what they would need during this disaster and they said quilts.

SO our efforts are needed once again, this time quickly! Right now we are in the gathering stage. We need FABRIC! Do you have stashes of fabric in a pile in your house that you don't know what to do with? I know I did. They can use all sizes but preferably cotton.  We also need twin size flat sheets (these are used as the backing for the quilts). If you or someone you know would like a way to help, please consider donating for Warm Souls! We want to make 100 quilts in 6 weeks!

Email me flipflopmamablog at gmail dot com if you want to help and I will get you more information and let's help the people of Japan!


Melissa said...

Hope you don't mind... but I posted a link to your blog on Facebook :)

von said...

What a great idea. I will e-mail you.

Yvonne said...

Oops, let me try that again. This is such a great idea. I will e-mail you.