08 April 2011

I Decided

Thank you all for your comments (or phone calls) about the craft fair. I'm glad people think I can do it. Thanks for your confidence! It really helped mine. But, after thinking about it for a few days, and weighing the pros and cons I decided that I'm not going to do the craft fair.

The biggest point in making my decision was it's only a month away and I don't have tons of things just stashed away waiting to sell. I'd have to really go crazy making things and I think that would make me go crazy. Not that I don't always have a project that I'm working on but that I'm not sure that I'd have enough in a month. Plus there's this other contest that I want to enter that I need to work on. It's just too much. And the other thing is that most people don't want to buy beanies at the beginning of summer. It's just not the right season, ya know? I know I could make cute little spring hats or summer shade-type hats, but....As you can see, I'm really not that committed.

Anyway, I'm happy with my decision. I don't need more stress right now. I just want to continue enjoying doing what I do.


Anonymous said...

Not going crazy is always the right decision. Good luck with the contest!

Sharon said...

Good for you. If a hobby doesn't stay fun, it's no longer a hobby, it's business. Your hats are so adorable!