19 April 2011

Things I Like

*Mr. Smiley's giggle*
He is the laughingest kid I know
*My nursery kids*
I'm finding myself really enjoying them and I'm glad I like my calling! 

*That there are only 4 rolls left of 1 ply toilet paper that I accidentally bought*

*My hair*
I got a hair cut a few months ago and decided to make a drastic change and cut bangs. For the first time that I can remember, I am really happy with my hair. I've always said I had bad hair and have never really been happy with it, but I'm happy to say that I really like it right now! (It could be too that the baby hair is finally blending in with the rest of my hair too!) Along the same lines, I love my flat iron. What did I ever do without it? Oh that's right, have crappy hair.

*Big Sister's tennis lessons*
I had the idea that she might be good at tennis so I signed her up for a month worth of lessons. She is doing great and even better, she loves it!

*How Mr. Smiley says, "I Love You"*

*Listening to Big Sister read*
Her reading has really exploded lately and I'm so proud of her!

*Watching my garden grow*
It's doing so well! It's so fun to go up there and see the fruits of our labors. Most of the things we planted from seed and they are actually growing! 

*Knitting and Crocheting*
I made this tie for Mr. Smiley and he loved it. He was so excited that he had a tie just like Daddy! I'm making him and T-Bone matching ties for Easter.
And I made a skirt for Big Sister. She's always begging me to make her things, so she was pretty excited about this twirly skirt. (Sorry the picture is so crappy...)

*Knit Night*
I love being able to knit with my friends!

*And of course my family!*


Julie said...

What an awesome post.

A few comments:
I LOVE the reading. It is SO fulfilling to see my girls reading -- I agree.

Mr. Smiley's I love you is adorable!!

Flat Iron. Gift. From. Heaven.

The Roz's said...

Another great post! Your garden is looking amazing and the kids are so, so cute!
I love your posts, thanks so much for sharing =D

Staceygirl said...

Wow, ties and skirts, too? Is there no end to the possibilities? What is baby hair? I am usually unhappy with my hair... it's so sad. I think I want a fancy do, but I don't want to pay a lot or spend a lot of time styling it - what are you gonna do, right?