17 April 2011

We have him trained

At the beginning of the school year I set an alarm on my iPhone for Wednesdays at 1:50 so I wouldn't remember to go get Big Sister on early release days. It was a life saver a few times. I would have totally forgot to go and get her had the alarm not gone off. Pretty soon the one day alarm turned into all 5 week days. I found myself getting caught up in things--especially if Mr. Smiley was asleep--and not realizing what time it was. Also I hated to constantly look at the clock to see how much time I had left until I had to go and get her. I knew that once the alarm went off, I would have enough time to gather what I needed and throw some shoes on before heading out the door. Most of the time Mr. Smiley was awake so he would hear the "Bell Tower" alarm too. A couple months ago he started recognizing it and would get really excited, grab his shoes and say Big Sister's name. He knew it was time to go get her. He knew what the alarm meant.

Around the same time we were trying to be better at reading the scriptures as a family. T-Bone had an idea that we should set an alarm for 7pm every night so that we would be reminded. So far it's worked great. At 6:58pm the theme from Star Trek goes off and Mr. Smiley knows it's time to read scriptures. He'll run to the living room and reach for our books. We have him trained.

So this leads me to the final purpose of this post--bedtime. We were finding that although Mr. Smiley was pretty good about going to bed, it was taking him quite a while to grasp the idea that it was time for bed. We had our routine: scriptures, jammies, teeth, books, but it wasn't clicking. Finally I had the idea to set another alarm. This time it's a duck sound. So at 7:26pm we hear "quack, quack, quack, quack." Mr. Smiley will always run to find my iPhone and bring it to me saying "gak, gak, gak". He knows that means it's time for bedtime. It has been the best thing ever! When that alarm goes off he settles down, we say prayers and walk out. No tears, no following us out of the room, just laying down on the floor--wherever feels right that night--giving kisses and saying good night. It's so peaceful!

I thought it was just funny when Mr. Smiley started recognizing the "Big Sister alarm," but now I love that he recognizes his bedtime alarm. It makes bedtime so much better! I love that we have him so well trained! :)


Julie said...

Technology for the win!!!

I wonder if I can set a potty alarm for Cannon???

Anonymous said...

I set an alarm to remind myself when to send the kids to piano lessons. They sure weren't going to remind me themselves.

I also set an alarm to remind me to give my daughter and myself our medications. Unfortunately, I usually just turn it off and immediately forget to do the thing it was just reminding me to do.

I love that picture, btw.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Awesome idea, you are one smart mama. :)

The Roz's said...

Sheer genius! Love this post!!