20 July 2011

Blah Blah Bloggin

It's almost the end of July! School starts in exactly 5 weeks from today and I'll have a 2nd grader! That's just crazy. I know there are still 5 weeks of summer left, but it just seems like it's flown by. Last summer I was so worried about Big Sister having enough to do without driving me crazy that I bought her a 1st grade workbook. She did that thing every day and boy was I glad I bought it. I think it kept me sane. This year she brought home a bunch of uncompleted workbooks from her class and so I didn't need to buy one for her. She has maybe worked on them 10 times this summer. We've been busy--with what I don't really know. She's finally old enough to go play outside with the other neighbor kids without me always having to watch her so she's been doing that a lot. She loved to play with kids so it's been perfect for her. On our apartment floor there are two other girls and one boy within a few years of each other and she plays with all of them. I love it. 

Speaking of summer we have our mini-vacation coming up next week. BS could not be more excited. Every day she asks how many days until we go to the lake! I hope it lives up to her expectations. I'm really looking forward to it too. It's possible we might have to extend our trip as well and head up north. My grandpa fell last week and broke a vertebra in his back. They were able to do surgery and there wasn't any nerve damage, thank goodness, but he developed pneumonia and is not doing very well. I am so glad we took the time in January to go visit him and my grandma. It was strange because a few months before I told T-Bone that I really felt like we needed to go visit them. I wanted them to see my kids and I wanted to be able to spend some time with them when they were healthy. My grandma has the early stages of dementia too, so the sooner we got up there the better. We had a great visit with them that I will treasure always. Big Sister is old enough too where she should be able to remember them at least a little bit.

I'm 15 weeks pregnant today. I'm pretty sure I've been feeling the baby move for a couple days. I know they say you aren't supposed to feel movement for a few more weeks yet, but it's in the right place and feels like kicks, so I'm taking it. Word is finally getting around amongst my friends, but I'm not quite showing yet. I can tell and my family can tell, but to most every one else I just look a little chubby.  I think this will be the pregnancy where I will gain my least weight. My big ultrasound is in three weeks and yes we will be finding out what the sex is. For a minute I thought about not finding out, but I don't think I can. I like knowing.

Well I think I'm through babbling. Have a lovely day!


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

This summer has surely flown by for us as well. Like yours, my almost-2nd-grader has been a lot more independent this summer too, which has been nice with all that's been going on with my dad. I'm loving that my kids will have memories of spending time with him, but it is hard to watch him fade away. I would second the idea of extending your vacation to go see your grandpa...family is just so important.

And congrats on 15 weeks! I know I felt movement by 16 weeks during my 4th pregnancy, so I bet that you really are getting little flutters from your new little love. :)

Melissa said...

We start school on August 8th. Yeah. It's a tad on the crazy side... but it's hot here. And we got a long break in October, December and March... so I guess that makes up for it!

I love being able to create memories with grandparents. I always wonder if we've given them enough time...

And hurrah for 15 weeks! I couldn't ever wait to find out the gender of the baby either. It just about killed me when they couldn't tell with Emma and they gave me a 60% chance it was a girl... that wasn't enough ;)