12 August 2011


To say I am surprised today is putting it lightly. I am blown away. Yet despite my astonishment I am thrilled and as happy as I could be.

We had our big ultrasound appointment this morning. Yesterday I put a poll on Facebook to see whether others thought we were having a boy or a girl and the boys won out 11-10. Turns out half my Facebook friends were as wrong as I was.

This little person coming in January is a GIRL!

I seriously could not believe my eyes. Last week when I had an appointment I asked my nurse midwife to do a quick ultrasound to see if she could tell what we were having. Friends who are not quite as far along as me already knew and I was getting antsy! I couldn't be sure but thought I saw some tell-tale lines but the machine was old and she was having a hard time getting a good between the legs shot so I dismissed it. When the ultrasound tech was taking all the boring measurements and things I thought I caught a glimpse of the tell-tale three lines but I couldn't believe it that time either. But sure enough when it was time to "determine the sex" it was there. I've seen 'em both and this was certainly a girl. Unless this Mr. is really shy it is a Miss. I had to laugh. I told the tech to look again. I laughed some more.

Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy I've been sure it's a boy. I had no reason to think otherwise. I "felt" it was a boy. Then a couple weeks ago I had a small fleeting feeling that it might be a girl. Nah...But what if?? kept going through my head. Big Sister has been talking non-stop about it being a girl and because she already has a little brother it makes sense that now she would get a little sister. She even picked a name out for her a week ago. I was trying softly to tell her that we would love either a boy or a girl hoping to soften the blow for when we found out it was a boy. Turns out I should have listened to her all along. Little people can be more right I guess.

Needless to say she is thrilled! "I knew it was a girl!" she said when we told her, but surprisingly she hasn't really said much since. Mr. Smiley says, "No!" when we tell him that there's a baby in mommy's tummy so clearly he has no idea what's going on. I'm sure he will be the best of big brothers.

This will sure be interesting though. I have nothing. As in I just gave away the last bin of girl clothes on Wednesday. My sister has a few things I saved that I loved from Big Sister but that's it. We are pretty much starting from scratch but that's okay, worse things have happened. She will have a place to sleep and be loved by so many people.

Surprises can be awesome.  We are super excited for you to join our family Little Sister.


Maren said...

I absolutely LOVE this! It will be so fun to see you through this process! We'll need to do monthly lunches at least now that I'm back! This baby girl is already loved and treasured SO MUCH! She has no idea what an amazing life she's in for! See you soon I hope!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow! I'm surprised. I thought you'd have a boy. But Little Sister sounds so right. :)

Maile Fano said...

Congratulations! I having another girl is the best! I absolutely love it! I also love all my other kids as well.I am excited for you.

Staceygirl said...

Go team GIRL! But seriously, why did you give away that last bin of girl clothes? You should've known that would jinx you :)

Julie said...

What a treat!!!!! Big Sister will be the best Big Sister to her little sister. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't find out the sex of any of my children before they were born. I thought #1 would be a boy. (She was a girl.) I thought #2 would be a boy, which he was. I thought #3 would be a girl. (He was a boy.) I had no idea with #4, but I just hoped it wouldn't be a boy because I couldn't think of a boy's name. (Fortunately, it was a girl.)

Congratulations, btw. :)