11 August 2011

Vacation Rundown--Part 1

To document our vacation a couple weeks ago I will be doing these obligatory vacation rundown posts. Read them if you want....

To give a little preface: A couple months ago I told T-Bone I really wanted to have a "real" family vacation--one where we didn't go to visit family, just us. Through the help of a friend and my mom I came up with the idea to go to Lake Gregory in Crestline, California. We decided to stay in a little cabin for a couple days and just enjoy the lake and surrounding area. Originally we were going to go up Monday and stay until Wednesday. Then, a few days before we found out my dear Grandpa passed away so we were lucky enough to be able to alter our plans.

We drove up Sunday afternoon after church and checked into our cabin. Crestline was much bigger than we had anticipated. We were picturing a really tiny mountain town around the size of Julian, CA but there are about 10,000 people that live there. I was so glad we got a cabin instead of just a hotel room. It had one room in the back with a double bed and then a futon in the front room. It was nice to be able to shut the kids in the back and not have to go to bed when they did. Some funny things about the cabin though was it was tiny. I think the whole cabin could fit in our kitchen and living room area--with space to spare. It was just fine for what we needed though. Another funny thing was the shower. You could tell it was an afterthought--the cabins had been there for quite a while because it was, well, here's a picture:

That's the door to get into the shower. I couldn't even fit without turning. It's a good thing I wasn't more pregnant or I don't think I would have been able to fit at all! It was quite roomy once you got in there, but it was like they just cut this foot and a half slot in the wall and then built on the shower. Very interesting. There also was no table--except we found one as we were cleaning up in the closet, whoops!--so there was a lot of eating on the floor.

 Some photos from dinner the first night sitting on the floor.

Since it was Sunday when we got there we took the opportunity to just walk around the small town and see what we could see. We were just a block from the lake and quite a few restaurants. It's a cute town.

On Monday we woke up and just relaxed for a little bit watching cartoons. The lake didn't open until 10 so we took our time in the morning. When were were ready we headed over. The lake was cold! Big Sister had fun right away but Mr. Smiley wasn't too fond of it for quite a while. Here are some pictures from the day:
Big Sister and Daddy testing out the water
Big Sister on the waterslide!
T-Bone's turn
Daddy dragged Mr. Smiley out to the water but he was not thrilled to be there

Mr. Smiley liked the splash pad better

After a while Mr. Smiley got a little brave and touched the water!

Then decided it wasn't too bad and splashed a little

Gorgeous day at the lake!
We took a ride on the aqua cycle
and got soaked under the fountain!
Mr. Smiley and Daddy had a turn too
After a fun day at the lake we ended it with Round Table Pizza, some coloring and TV time. The next day we drove to San Francisco. More to come later....


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Looks like fun! The shower made me laugh. :D

Staceygirl said...

Spending a morning watching cartons sounds boring... :) just had to laugh at that typo. Looks like lots of fun and adventure - I like to just be with my little family sometimes, too.

flip flop mama said...

Stacey, thanks for being my proofreader!