09 December 2011

Too Good Not To Share

I don't usually share recipes but this one is just too good not to pass around. It's one of those that looks really good so it's great for company, and tastes delicious too!

Think backwards buffalo wings. I made this last night with some steamed artichokes and mashed potatoes (from food storage) and it was such a yummy dinner. Even Big Sister eats the chicken.  Now, even if you don't like blue cheese you should try it. I hesitated for too long making this because the husband isn't a fan of blue cheese, but he loves the chicken.

**One little tip: Instead of stuffing them since it makes one side so much fatter than the other I flatten the breasts and then put the filling on one side and then just fold the breast in half and pin it together with toothpicks.



Emily said...

You had me at buffalo.... everything about this screams YUMMY!

Rebecca said...

Sounds delicious. I don't suppose you'd come over and make it for me, though, eh? Maybe I'll talk my husband into it.

Cynthia said...

I have some blue cheese in the fridge I need to use up. Thanks for posting this!