15 February 2012

Why must my childen be over achievers?

A couple weeks ago Little Sister was on our ottoman on her tummy. She lifted her head, pushed off with her feet and rolled on to her back. T-Bone and I looked at each other with surprise. Thinking it was just a fluke since the ottoman is so soft, we put her on the floor. She didn't do it again--thank heavens.

She has been our floppiest baby. She hasn't had the head control that my other two have so I was hoping that she would take her sweet time to get to milestones. Well today she showed that she is not content to just stay still. She rolled over from her tummy to her back on the floor. I just happened to be videoing her while doing tummy time and this is what happened:

Why must my children be over achievers? Big Sister walked at 9 1/2 months and Mr. Smiley at 10. I can't understand why they aren't content to just lay on the floor for a while. :) A friend said her child did the same thing and then didn't roll over until the normal time. I'm hoping that is what will happen. I'm not ready for this!


Julie said...

I was reading this thinking, I swear she was JUST born! Pretty impressive!

Rebecca said...

It's hard to hold back when you're gifted.