10 February 2012

I Am a Child of God

I am a child of God
And He has sent me here. 
Has given me an Earthy Home
 With parents kind and dear.

Lead me, guide me
 Walk beside me

 Help me find the way.

Teach me all that I must do

To live with Him someday.

I was singing this to Little Sister while trying to get her to fall asleep and the reality of it just hit me. I was moved to tears. We have been blessed with such sweet Spirits from our Heavenly Father. And by "we" I don't just mean me, I mean every parent. We have been entrusted with His children. They depend on us to teach us, to help them remember who they are and that God loves them and wants them to return to Him.
(For those not familiar with this song, click here to listen)


Cynthia said...

She's a beauty, congratulations!

Lora said...

So sweet! And I completely agree. We learn so much by becoming parents. It's quite a gift.

I looked at your pictures again while listening to the music. Thanks!

bythelbs said...

She is precious.

And so are you.