13 March 2012

Little Sister's Blessing

On Sunday we were privileged to have Little Sister blessed by her father. For those that aren't familiar with the LDS practice of blessing babies, it is customary to bless infants in front of a congregation generally by their father. It is a time to pronounce blessings upon them for their life. It is a wonderful event and is usually attended by family and friends. Little Sister was lucky because she had LOTS of family to support her! (Her cousin was also blessed too so that helped).

Because of the blessing and lots of family in town we had a super busy weekend. Saturday was taken up by the baptism of a friend and dinner preparations, Sunday was the blessing and a get-together luncheon after and then Monday was Sea World all day with family. Here's some pictures of the weekend.

Our family of 5!
All the family that was at the church. We had one more brother and sister-in-law join us for the after party too.
The blessed babies and their families
Grandpa and Mason
Aunt Beth and cousin Heath
Cousin Josie
Cousin Nolen
Aunt Kristen and sweet Little Sister
Either she is preparing to be a nun or she is a Russian Nesting doll
Me, Little Sister and Cousin Abbie (who LOVES babies!)
Caden and Abbie loving on Little Sister

We are so happy to have Little Sister in our family!


Julie P said...

Darn - the pic isn't working!

Emily said...

WOW! That's a LOT of family! We'll be lucky if like 2 or 3 people make it :) She's precious Jamie! Looks like a wonderful day.

PS. I love Sean's tie. And we have the same shoes as Sean :) good taste!

Julie P said...

You look beautiful! What a fabulous occasion to have family get together. So fun. I love the picture of the 5 of you!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What an awesome weekend! Lil Sis is absolutely adorable...which means that she fits right in with the rest of you. :)