28 March 2012

On Reliving 1967 and More

Yeah I know I was not alive in 1967 but hear me out. Recently we discovered that the Spiderman 1967 cartoon series is on Netflix. Mr. Smiley loves Spiderman--what almost 3 year old boy doesn't?--so of course he begs to watch it.

Let me tell you something. It is terrible.

Spiderman sounds like a 40 year old man (even though Mr. Jameson calls him a teenager), the dialog is head shakingly painful to listen to, and the plot lines are just downright horrible. Even T-Bone, who is a comic loving man, thinks it's terrible. But Mr. Smiley loves it and wants to watch it every day.

I've seen some of the episodes and it's been interesting having a glimpse into TV in the 60's. Luckily I found the 1981 Series today so we'll see if that one is any better.  I'm done with the 60's.


Right now we are trying to make an important decision for our family. When I think and pray about going ahead with it I feel calm and peace, but I can't seem to verbalize those thoughts. I really want to do it, but there are some concerns T-Bone and I both have. How do we decide?? I wish things were easier sometimes.


I can finally wear my wedding ring! It's a little tight still but at least it's wearable. I bought a cheap $10 one from Target right after Little Sister was born that I really like, but it's just not the same. I haven't not worn my wedding ring for very long in the almost 10 years that I've been married! Speaking of 10 years...we are trying to plan out a 10 year anniversary trip. We really want to take a trip to New York in September and I hope it happens. See above blurb...If we go ahead with this decision then we probably won't have enough money to go, but we'll be in a better situation long term. I hate making hard decisions.


This year I'm going to try to talk more about Easter this year. To me Easter is the pivotal celebration of the Christian world, but it just doesn't get the attention it deserves. I decided this year to do the 12 days of Easter Resurrection Eggs so that the kids can be more involved in the story. Especially Big Sister...she'll be 8 at the end of the year and I really want her to be prepared for her baptism by learning more about the Gospel and Jesus Christ. I love Easter and hope that my children will get more out of this year!


Well that's about it. I'm going to try to go to the park today with some friends. Wish me luck!


Janelle said...

It sounds like you do know how to find answers if you can feel peace, that is good. I just keep moving forward on an idea until it gets critical and at that point I have a freak out (no) or I'm just my normal worried but it's livable and I can start seeing a future in that direction (yes). Anyways that is how I figure it out.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

We OWN the '67 season on DVD, and my boys were obsessed with it for about 2 years. Some of those episodes are pretty trippy. I ended up banning a few of the episodes, because they just creeped me out. On my non-banned episodes, I did like how the story lines were simple and the women were modestly dressed. That's hard to find in most of the more modern comic series.

flip flop mama said...

Janelle, thank you for reminding me to just keep going until I get to the critical decision time. I always forget that and try to make a decision too soon.

Melissa said...

Big decisions are not my forte. When we were trying to decide about our last move I finally told Alan, "You decide and then just let me know if I need to start packing boxes!" And honestly? Even though he didn't actually make the final choice alone, it was kinda nice to just throw it all on him for a day or two ;)
I know that you'll make the best choice for your family. It's not always easy to know what that is, but it sounds like you're on a good track!!