30 April 2012

Three Positive Things

So yesterday on the way home from church Big Sister got into her usual rut of contradicting almost everything we said (Me to Mr. Smiley: Thanks Dude! Big Sister: He's not a Dude!) and just all around being negative. When we got home T-Bone just sent her to her room for a while; we'd had enough. When she came out I told her she had to come up with three positive or complimenting things before she could come out for good. So went a thirty-ish minute exercise of her writing things and us helping her tweak them. She started out with

#1 I had a great time in [Primary] class.
#2 I love the books you bought me
#3 I love my new bed

While all of these were pretty decent we wanted her to step out of her comfort zone by writing more specific things and not thinking about herself as much. All of these things start with "I" and that's not displaying very unselfish thinking. So we sent her back in her room to fix #1 and #3. She added some more detail about her teacher to #1 and then changed #3 to The country fair was awesome.

Because these were moving in the right direction we took them. Then we had a conversation where we helped her understand how saying nice things about people and being positive can really change people's attitudes and make them feel better.

It was perfect timing because later my friend posted this on Facebook:

All I had to show her was the first 5 minutes so she could see the effect that positive uplifting words can have on people. It really clicked for her I think! All the rest of the day she was so happy! She was complimenting things and being so grateful. During dinner she kept saying how delicious the dinner was and it made the atmosphere so much better.

After the kids went to bed T-Bone said, "Did you see how much butt kissing Big Sister was doing today?" Of course I had. Then I said, "Yeah, but did you notice how happy our home was because of it? I don't care if it is butt kissing. There was no fighting, no frustration." It was one of the best afternoons we have had in a long time. 

From now on when I send Big Sister to her room for talking back or being contradictory--which lately has been a lot--I'm going to have her write three grateful or positive things down. I have a feeling this will help in improving he attitude and the feel of our home. I'm also going to be better at complimenting as well. I will write three nice things about her too. I think that's something all of us in our home can do better at. I'll let you know how it goes!

What have you done to make the atmosphere in your home more happy and positive? I would love more ideas!  By the way, you are amazing! I love your comments and input!

19 April 2012

Two Weeks Later

So it's been two weeks since my last post about getting healthier. I'd like to report that I've been doing pretty good! I've been moving more, eating better and having more energy!

I am a little behind on my 100 mile challenge, but I can easily make those miles up. So far I've done 19 miles with one more today and two tomorrow to bring me up to 21. That puts me 3 miles behind but I'm hoping that we can go for a walk or hike on Saturday morning to make up some distance. Last week was hard because it was spring break and it rained so I had to do some Just Dance instead of walking. Let me tell you the Sweat version of I Was Made for Lovin' You by Kiss really kicked my butt. But it's so fun. It's been really good to have  goal and know that I need to get moving!

My situps have been going okay. I'm not really enjoying them as much but I know they are important. I've been noticing myself walk and sit straighter with better posture.  I'm going to bring in the pushups next week too.

I can't say that I've cut out sugar completely from my diet--that wasn't the plan anyway--but I haven't bought or made any treats in two weeks. The box of Ghirardelli brownies that have been sitting on top of the fridge have remained unmade and that my friends is a HUGE feat! I have however eaten cookies and a slice of pie at someone else's house. My friends threw me a baby shower with delicious food. How was I supposed to resist? hehe I've decided that I won't make it or buy it, but I can indulge a little when there are parties or special occasions. I've been trying to increase my intake of fruits and veggies too. To do that I've been buying the fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries from Costco so that there is always enough to go around. I've been making smoothies with them too! Some berries, a little yogurt, a banana and sometimes a little orange juice make yummy ones! Today I added some kale to it and while the color was a little less appetizing, the taste was delicious. I really want to make this a daily habit. I grew up drinking smoothies that my mom would make so this isn't really a new thing for me, but making it a habit will be.

I'm sad to say that I haven't lost any weight from these changes, but that isn't the purpose. I would like to lose the chubbiness around my waist but I know my goal is to be healthier not skinnier. 

Lastly the sun has been shining all week and it's been completely gorgeous weather--finally! I can't wait to take the kids to the pool and spend time outside enjoying the new found energy I have!

04 April 2012

Getting Healthier

It's been almost 3 months since I've had Little Sister and it's time to get moving. I've been sitting on my butt long enough and am ready to see some changes in my body. I'm not only talking about the weight I have to lose (12 pounds) but I want to be healthy. I want more energy, I want to be outside and get my doses of Vitamin D and I want to lose the weight too. I want to eat healthier and smarter.

So I've started doing a few things to help me with this new goal. For starters a couple weeks ago I started doing after school carpool (walkpool) two days a week. The first few were rough, let me tell you. I would come home and the rest of my day would be completely shot. I was completely wasted. It's one thing to push a 2 year old in a stroller and it's quite another thing to push a 30 pound almost three year old and a 14 pound 3 month old in a not so great rolling stroller. I was starting to wonder why I offered to do it. I mean why mess with a good thing? I could just hang out all afternoon in my house and Big Sister would just come home! It was wonderful. But after three times it started to get easier and I remembered why I wanted to do it. I started to feel great. Now just walking to school twice a week isn't enough. This week I have added walking Big Sister to school on the days I don't pick up. It's a mile round trip so 5 miles a week is pretty good. But not good enough.

I've joined this challenge: 100 miles in 3 months. Sounds lofty at first but I think it's totally doable! So if I've done my calculations right I need to do 8 miles a week to keep up with my goal. The mornings that I walk to school I just walk around the block and it's just over a 2 mile walk! So it's perfect. Plus I'll have Saturdays if I need to make up any mileage. I'm excited to have this goal to work toward!

Another thing I've been doing is the 200 sit-up App. I did this last year--along with the 100 push-up App--and I felt great! I think I was in a little better ab shape because it wasn't quite as hard as it's been this time around. It's been 3 weeks and I've repeated quite a few days and even went back a whole week today. Doing something is better than doing nothing though, right? I keep telling myself I want to start the push-ups again but I haven't gotten there yet. Maybe in a couple more weeks. I feel like I'm getting a pretty good arm workout holding my fatty baby and pushing 65 pounds of kid/stroller a few times a week.

The last change that I'm making in my life is to decrease the amount of sugar and junk food that we are eating as a family. I can do all the kinds of exercise I want but if I'm not fueling my body smartly then I'm missing a huge part of the puzzle. So I've decided to not have very much sugar. I know it's not smart to cut it out completely, but I just have to say no. Actually I read something the other day that suggested instead of saying no just say, "Not right now." That has totally helped! "Maybe I'll eat it later." And then later never comes! I find myself not wanting it very much anymore. And plus yesterday I watched this: Is Sugar Toxic?

We all know that sugar isn't good for us. It rots our teeth and if you eat too much it give you a stomach ache. It gives you false feelings of energy and then leaves you in the dumps a couple hours later, but I never knew the things in this video. It talks about how sugar fuels cancer cells, leads to heart disease and is as addictive as drugs like cocaine. I for one would like to not be so addicted to something so I'm limiting the sugar that I eat dramatically. The video said the doctors and researchers recommended no more than 100 calories a day for women from sugar so I'm going to try to stick with that. I'm not sure how many grams that translates to so I'm going to do a little research, but I'm pretty sure it's not that much.

I'm hoping that these changes in my life will help me feel healthier, happier and stronger. One last plus is that Elder Richard G. Scott said that when we are healthier we can feel more in tune with the Spirit and I really want that.

Will you join me in getting healthier? Tell me what you are doing!