10 May 2012

Can I Get a Do-Over?

This morning has not been the best. I would like to erase the last 2 1/2 hours and just start over. Can I do that?

It started with me waking up to the sound of crying at 7. You know the kind where someone is really hurt, not just upset about something. T-Bone got out of bed to check up on it because I was sandwiched between him and a sleeping baby who got up to nurse at 6 and then promptly fell back asleep. Sometime during that hour I must have laid wrong, because I twisted a muscle in my neck and it really hurts. Back to the crying...Turns out Big Sister pushed Mr. Smiley off her bed and he hit his head. They both share a room (since we live in a two bedroom) and have a trundle bed. The trundle is made of 1 inch thick wood and you guessed it, Mr. Smiley went forehead first onto the trundle. Not the best choice made by Big Sister. She commonly doesn't make the best choices. It's a good thing that T-Bone went in there or I'm sure I would have laid into her. Luckily there was no blood--only a giant 1 inch goose egg in the middle of his forehead and he recovered pretty quickly. Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark.

Moving on to later when I doing Big Sister's hair. She wanted pig tails I gave her a small pony tail on the side (because we were running late and I still needed to put my shoes on) and so tears ensued. Lots of tears. I hope one day I understand how her brain works. I have such a hard time dealing with her reactions most of the time. I got frustrated, spoke more harshly than I should have and we left for school in a huff. Not before Mr. Smiley would refuse to wear shoes or a sweatshirt. I cannot get that kid to wear anything but shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. It's a good thing we live in San Diego and it's Spring. So we left for school with him un-sweatshirted and un-shoed on a chilly, foggy morning. Big Sister didn't get a sweatshirt either and was shivering through half of the walk.

While walking I was thinking and praying how I could make the mood between us better because I hate sending her off to school when we are both upset. Seeing her shiver gave me the idea of giving her my sweatshirt to wear.  I gave her my sweatshirt and there was an instant transformation. She was happier and reminded me of a story where I gave her my sweater over a year ago at the beach. I was really surprised at how such a small act could make a big change. I guess it really is the little things they remember.

To finish on a happy note, the smoothie I made today was delicious, a problem I have been having ever since before Little Sister was born seems to be finally improving and the sun is out now. Let's the hope the rest of the day is better than the first 3 hours!

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Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Yay for smoothies and sweatshirts. :D

And I totally identify with the need for a Do-Over...all too well.