15 June 2012

First Week of Summer

We survived the first week of summer! I wasn't sure we were going to, but it hasn't been that bad. Big Sister was off school last Thursday and my mom came over for diner that night. She offered to take Big Sister for a sleepover so we planned that for Saturday night. After we dropped Big Sister off we headed to the beach. The weather was pretty windy, but sunny. Little Sister had her first beach day and like the sweetheart that she is she slept.  She is my first baby to take a pacifier and it has been lovely. I pop that sucker in her mouth and almost anywhere we are, she'll just pass right out. At the beach we dug a hole, jumped into it and just had a fun time soaking up the sun.

Sunday afternoon I made a skirt for Big Sister and took some cute pictures of her (Mr. Smiley snuck in a few poses there too). I can't believe how grown up she's starting to look. I gave her a little card with the Articles of Faith on it a couple hours ago and she already lost it. She just came to me telling me she prayed about finding it. That just made me so proud. It's like the things we've been trying to teach her so far are finally sinking in. I have really come to enjoy her more the last couple months. She's easier to talk to and much more even keeled--most of the time.

This week we've had park play dates with friends, pool parties at friend's houses, doctor appointments (Little Sister is in the 65% and Mr. Smiley is in the 20%--poor little guy), pool days at our apartment pool and ice skating lessons to fill our time. It's been a good week. The kids have been happy and playing together well, the weather has been gorgeous and I feel like I can go another week of summer vacation.

Mr. Smiley loves Iron Man and Spider-man so lately he's been pretending he's Iron Man. He loves this red Hawaiian shirt that my mom gave him for his birthday because it's red like Iron Man. So he's been talking about himself in the third person: "Mom, can you help Iron Man put on his shoes?" Also he calls T-Bone "Modoc" and me "Pepper" from the Iron Man: Armored Adventures cartoon.

Today we went to Hobby Town to try to find a Father's Day gift and I bought some balsa wood airplanes. The bigger kids have been playing with them all day. I'm sure they won't last another one since they are halfway covered with tape already, but it was fun while it lasted. I hope to enjoy the rest of the summer with my kids! Here's to hoping!

I just realized a couple of the pictures are in this twice...Oh well. Enjoy!

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Shellybythesea said...

Love all the smiles!!!!