24 June 2012

Relief Society

A few days ago I received an email from our Relief Society president (Relief Society is the women's organization in my church). We had Ward Conference today and in preparation for a lesson she asked me to share my feelings about Relief Society. (Due to time I wasn't able to share my thoughts but I wanted to record them) I have been thinking about it since Wednesday. To be honest I had no idea what I would say until about 4 o'clock this morning. I've been a member of Relief Society since I was 18 years old so I've had a few years of experience. Some of the years I've been a member I haven't attended RS meetings since I've had Primary callings, but I'm still grateful to call myself a member. In those years I've been blessed immensely by the RS program.

As I was thinking about what I would say I was reminded of many instances where the RS program has impacted me. Even though I have experiences where I've served and been served I still couldn't think of what I would say. I couldn't just get up there and say that RS has blessed my life because I've had dinners brought to me on many occasions, I've been visited by my visiting teachers, I've listened to lessons, I've made friends.

Then this morning as I was feeding Little Sister at 4 am it came to me. Relief Society has filled me. Every time I am given the opportunity to serve or be served I have been filled with the love of women. Every time I am able to attend a Relief Society meeting I am filled with the Spirit and want to be a better mother, wife and woman. Each time I visit teach the sisters I have been assigned to or been visit taught I am filled with the sisterhood and friendship that happens only on a one on one basis. Over the years Relief Society has filled me to overflowing with blessings of friendship, love, and service.

I can only be grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for providing an organization for women to strengthen each other, lift each other up and love each other.  That is what Relief Society means to me.

What are your feelings about Relief Society?


Julie P said...

I hope more people comment to uplift and inspire me. I go back and forth with my feelings on RS - from loving to lukewarm, and right now I'm in a more lukewarm spot, darn it. (not what you were looking for, right?!)

The Roz's said...

Excellent post! I too love Relief Society, I have no doubt in that it is God inspired and is here to bless our lives. When I have served in Primary, I miss attending the lessons and learning about each sister. I currently serve as the secretary in RS, I know every sisters name, how to spell it correctly, a little about each one, and who their VTers are. I love that kind of stuff, I love serving them.
I totally understand where some sisters are "lukewarm", as Julie P said. There have been times or are times when RS doesn't uplift me, or the lesson is more upsetting than encouraging, just based on topic. But I know it's not always be that way. Don't be discouraged if you are lukewarm about it. A new teacher, presidency or friend might come along and change the whole outlook. I just try to remember that it's the Lord's work we are doing and others are blessed for serving us. There's something very special about a group of women with one goal, to serve the Lord and each other. I love it!

flip flop mama said...

Thanks ladies for your comments. I can totally relate Julie P, I've been there. There have definitely been times when I have felt lukewarm toward RS. I wonder why I should even bother--especially when I have young disruptive kids or I'm just not "feeling" it in relation to the gospel. I've found that I definitely have ups and downs with everything gospel related. I do feel on the whole very positive toward it though. I think looking back there I have had many more positive experiences than negative or lukewarm ones.