21 August 2012

Thank you

Thank you to Pinterest for giving me great ideas.

Thank you for talented people who share their ideas.

Thank you to Mr. Smiley for loving all things Iron Man.

And lastly thank you to my mom for giving me a sewing machine (even though I wondered what I would do with it back then) and teaching me to sew as a child so I can be the coolest mom ever to this little boy.

16 August 2012

Summer is coming to a close and I'm ready

It has been so hot here the last week. It's been in the 90's and so humid. I know, I know I shouldn't complain. Many other places are like that all summer long but we are not used to it! I have been miserable. I can usually handle heat waves because they are few and far between and only last 2-3 days but this time it was rough. I think going from the gorgeous mild summer we've had so far to extreme temps for San Diego was a shock  So being the wimp I am I shut the windows and turned on the air. The air was on for at least a week straight and it's never been on that long consecutively before. It was at least bearable with the a/c on. Tuesday night I had had enough though. I needed fresh air!  It was still hot but cooling so I opened the windows all night. When I woke up my nose was stuffy! The cloud cover stayed for much of the morning so it was cooler and I took advantage of the fresh air and kept the windows open. But the damage had been done. My nose was runny and itchy ALL day!  The same thing happened today. We slept with the windows open last night and I woke up with itchy eyes and a  runny nose. I have discovered I'm allergic to fresh air!  I always knew I had allergies but to see the contrast this week has been interesting. No way I'm giving up my fresh air for allergy reprieve though! Pass me the Kleenex!

Speaking of contrasts all summer we've been at the pool once or twice a week. At the beginning of the summer Mr. Smiley would not even go in the little pool without me sitting on the edge or actually being in the pool with him. It was hard to get him to enjoy the pool with a little baby I was trying to keep out of the sun. Then when we came back from AZ he had a break through and would finally go in and play without me. But he still would not set foot in the big pool. If I tried to get him to go in with me he would panic and grip on to me to me so tight. And don't get me started with his floatie. We have one of those life jacket/floatie things and he wouldn't touch it. I kept asking him if he wanted to wear it though. Nope, he was happy walking around the baby pool. Then last weekend we went to the pool and all of a sudden he asked for it. "I want to float around in the little pool," he said. Ok. So he got a little brave and lifted his feet off the ground. He swam around there a little then he said "I want to go in the big pool with you." What the? He actually went in and while Saturday he still wouldn't let go of me by Tuesday he was floating and kicking without me even near him!  Such a transformation from the timid little guy at the beginning of the summer!  I'm glad we at lest have a few more weeks of warm weather so he can get more comfortable before he forgets it all and we have to start over next summer.

School starts on Monday. Two weeks ago I wasn't excited for school to start and thought summer seemed too short until the heat wave hit. Then my kids got stir crazy and restless. Now I'm ready for it to start. Big sister will be in 3rd grade(!) and Mr. Smiley is going to do a Joy School with 4 or 5 other kids his age. Should be fun!

Well ta ta for now! Time to get ready for our last official summer ward pool day!

09 August 2012

I think I'm going to go lock myself in my bedroom (with Little Sister of course) for a couple hours and let Mr. Smiley and Big Sister duke it out. I wonder how they'd do. Right now they are playing "king of the ottoman" but it doesn't sound like a fun game for both of them. They both are pretty stir crazy already today and it's not even 9 o'clock. Yesterday it was 90 degrees so I deemed it an inside day--plus I wasn't really feeling all that well--and things went south pretty early. Little Sister is teething and took horrible naps, Mr. Smiley painted himself (with washable paint thank heavens), we went to ice skating lessons that were cancelled, and we had some New York vacation trouble. One hour of the day was good though--I played Monopoly Jr. with the kids and we had a good time.

Instead of the ice skating lessons that weren't we went shopping at the mall for some school shoes and clothes for Big Sister. I was pretty grouchy by this point but all the kids were surprisingly well behaved at the mall and we got some good shopping done. Also thanks to my parents the vacation troubles have been worked out and things are looking up again. Also we're going to the pool later today so even though it's going to be 90 again at least the kids can get out some energy.

Because of our trip in 6 weeks(!) I am getting Little Sister ready by trying to get her take a bottle. no success really. I can get her to drink one ounce of formula at a time but that's it. Any ideas? She just chews on the nipple and then swallows what drips into her mouth--if I'm lucky. I'm going to try to put breastmilk in the bottle today and see if that helps, it never did before but that was a month ago. I've tried hard sippy cups, soft sippy cups, 5 different bottles and she's just not having it. She won't fight it necessarily, she just doesn't latch on and continuously suck.

On a more positive note today Little Sister is 7 months old! Happy "birthday" little one!
She can sit up really well, is eating all kinds of food, can roll over both ways--although she still struggles with belly to back sometimes--can get from sitting to laying down, has 4 teeth (bottom middle two and two on the top but not the middle ones, the ones next to the middle--baby fangs!) and is still the happiest baby ever. We love having her! **Update** The older kids have now been banished to time out for fighting over a couch pillow and are both weeping and wailing like it's their last days on earth. It may just be....