09 August 2012

I think I'm going to go lock myself in my bedroom (with Little Sister of course) for a couple hours and let Mr. Smiley and Big Sister duke it out. I wonder how they'd do. Right now they are playing "king of the ottoman" but it doesn't sound like a fun game for both of them. They both are pretty stir crazy already today and it's not even 9 o'clock. Yesterday it was 90 degrees so I deemed it an inside day--plus I wasn't really feeling all that well--and things went south pretty early. Little Sister is teething and took horrible naps, Mr. Smiley painted himself (with washable paint thank heavens), we went to ice skating lessons that were cancelled, and we had some New York vacation trouble. One hour of the day was good though--I played Monopoly Jr. with the kids and we had a good time.

Instead of the ice skating lessons that weren't we went shopping at the mall for some school shoes and clothes for Big Sister. I was pretty grouchy by this point but all the kids were surprisingly well behaved at the mall and we got some good shopping done. Also thanks to my parents the vacation troubles have been worked out and things are looking up again. Also we're going to the pool later today so even though it's going to be 90 again at least the kids can get out some energy.

Because of our trip in 6 weeks(!) I am getting Little Sister ready by trying to get her take a bottle. no success really. I can get her to drink one ounce of formula at a time but that's it. Any ideas? She just chews on the nipple and then swallows what drips into her mouth--if I'm lucky. I'm going to try to put breastmilk in the bottle today and see if that helps, it never did before but that was a month ago. I've tried hard sippy cups, soft sippy cups, 5 different bottles and she's just not having it. She won't fight it necessarily, she just doesn't latch on and continuously suck.

On a more positive note today Little Sister is 7 months old! Happy "birthday" little one!
She can sit up really well, is eating all kinds of food, can roll over both ways--although she still struggles with belly to back sometimes--can get from sitting to laying down, has 4 teeth (bottom middle two and two on the top but not the middle ones, the ones next to the middle--baby fangs!) and is still the happiest baby ever. We love having her! **Update** The older kids have now been banished to time out for fighting over a couch pillow and are both weeping and wailing like it's their last days on earth. It may just be....


Staceygirl said...

i love this because i know every mom out there can identify with your exasperation. i'm glad our kids are in school again. peace. can't believe you guys have been married ten years... time flies, so go to NY and live it up!! :)

madhousewife said...

Have I told you lately this baby's good looking? Unfortunately I have no good advice re bottle/sippy/anything. I can wish you luck, if that helps. (I've been told in the past that my finger-crossing is very effective.)