24 October 2012

Chevron or Zigzag?

I designed this knitted hat this week. I haven't been doing much knitting lately--mostly crocheting--so I decided to pick up my needles and see what came of it. I started with a deeper zigzag pattern, but didn't like it as much so I tweaked it to this.  So far I've made it in red, green and light green. I have a few more colors I want to make it with too! I know the chevron/zigzag design is super popular these days so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. Speaking of chevron vs. zigzag, when did we stop just saying zigzag? I did a (very) little looking into it and a chevron pattern is just a V but a zigzag is a string of Vs. I don't think it really matters though when something is super cute! What do you think?

**Heads up because my 7 year blogiversary is coming up in a couple weeks and I just might be giving one of these away to a lucky winner!**