09 November 2012

10 Months Old!

Little Sister is 10 months old today! This month she has learned a lot and continues to be such a light in our family.

She loves to growl. I was thinking this morning I've never seen another baby who growls like her. It's pretty hilarious.

She learned how to crawl on her 9 month birthday and is getting pretty fast now!

She can wave hi and bye so of course we try to get her to do it as much as we can. She can also sign "all done".

A couple weeks ago she learned to pull herself up and so of course she does it every chance she gets. So many things we thought were safe before are suddenly in her reach! She has such short legs so she just looks too little standing by our couch or the kitchen chairs.

She is just a little petite girl and has been hanging out at 16 pounds for quite a few months. I just found out yesterday she is 17 pounds 4 ounces so she finally gained some weight!

She hasn't been to big of a laugher until recently and now she laughs at so many things. She loves chasing games--especially chasing Mr. Smiley--and she just giggles the whole time. Peekaboo makes her laugh so much too.

Everywhere we go people always say, "Oh wow, look at her eyes! They are so big and blue!" She does have huge, bright blue eyes and the best smile in the world!

She has been babbling "mamamama" and "dadadada" for a while but I'm pretty sure she's said "Mama" where she really means me!

So because I know you all can't get enough of this sweet face here is a gratuitous amount of photos and videos. Happy 10 month birthday Little Sister!

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Cheryl said...

Oh, my gosh, she is so flippin' cute!! Seriously, adorable. I told my daughter that shares her name how cute she was and she agrees. :)