26 November 2012

Thanksgiving Barf-O-Rama

Every year for the past...many, many years our friends have gotten campsites at the beach at Thanksgiving and Easter. It started with them and my parents and all the kids, but over time it's just turned into the Pierce's. We usually go down to visit and sometimes have Thanksgiving dinner with them, but haven't spent the night in the past. This year we decided we were going to do it! We were really excited and headed down there on Wednesday afternoon. Since T-Bone was still at work and no one else was there Lee decided to take us sailing! I've never been sailing (and of course neither had my kids) so we were pretty excited. We got the kids life-jacketed up and Big Sister was really nervous. She didn't want to get on the boat, but with a bit of coaxing she got on and realized that it wasn't quite as bad as she thought. She ended up really enjoying the boat ride! The wind was very calm so we were going pretty slow but it was a gorgeous day on the bay so we just enjoyed it.

That night the kids were so excited that they were camping for real that they couldn't wait to go to bed! They slept really well but of course woke up bright and early at 6:15am. We got up and the kids played around the camp grounds and the park and the grown ups readied ourselves for Thanksgiving dinner. The campsite we were at has a great kid's park, a pool, and safe roads for kids to ride bikes and skateboards. It's really fun. We had a huge crowd for dinner and even met our site neighbors from Brazil! Dinner was delicious and everyone had a good time.

That is until about 6:30pm. I started to feel a little icky. I was really tired and had a stomach ache. I couldn't really stand to put Little Sister to bed, but that's all she wanted so I tried my best. When she was finally asleep I went and laid by the campfire. I was freezing! I really didn't think I was sick but at 9 it was made apparent to me when I filled a gallon ziplock bag. Not fun.

Luckily my mom lives a mile away from the campgrounds so I went home with her to sleep in a real bed. It's a good thing I did because I was up until 3am every hour.

I. Was. Sick.

At 5am I got a text from T-Bone saying Mr. Smiley had barfed too. Then again an hour and a half later. This was not shaping up to be the best Thanksgiving camping ever. After Mr. Smiley threw up a couple more times, I decided it would be best if I took him and Little Sister home. We packed up what we could and I got about 5 miles away when I got a call from my mom. Big Sister had thrown up and I needed to come back and get her. Spencer had already left so he could bring his scooter home. I had to drive 40 minutes home with a 101.5 degree fever. It's a miracle we made it. All three of us were sick until Sunday afternoon when we started to get our strength back. Luckily Little Sister and T-Bone never got it. I'm so bummed we missed out on such a great camping experience though! Unfortunately the stomach flu wasn't isolated to our family. All in all I think 9 or 10 people got it. So miserable!

Hopefully next Thanksgiving will be less barfarific!


Julie said...

Oh, the puke-fests. Why do they always fall around holidays??? But that is a super fun California idea to camp over Thanksgiving!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ugh. But cute pictures! Love T-Bone's Turkey hat. :)