29 November 2012

The Tooth Fairy Came Early

Mr. Smiley had a visit from the Tooth Fairy last night. Yes, he's only 3 1/2. I wish it hadn't happened, but it was for the best. A couple weeks ago he was playing around and stuck some vampire teeth in his mouth and I saw a blister-like bump on his gums above his right front tooth. Of course I Googled it and have to say I could never make it as a dentist. Oh boy mouth sores are nasty! I settled on what I thought it was--a fistula (only look if you want to see mouth pictures)--but had no idea really what that meant. Totally freaking out I called the doctor who got him in later that day. "It's an infection. Here's some anti-biotics," he said. I asked him about the fistula and he said it would be fine and that the infection would clear up with the anti-biotics. Thinking we were in the clear I filled Mr. Smiley's prescription and headed home.

Let me back up: 6 months ago Mr. Smiley, Big Sister and some friends were playing outside at a friend's house. I was their with the girls' mother and we were chatting while they were playing. Big Sister comes over and says, "Mr. Smiley fell." When I looked his way, he was getting up and totally unfazed kept on playing. I really didn't think anything about it and went back to chatting with my friend. Then Big Sister comes over again and says, "Mr. Smiley's bleeding and his teeth are sticking out." What!?! I called him over to check him out and sure enough his lip was bleeding and his teeth were out of line. He must have fallen flat on his face. Lucky for us we were right in front of the dental office where my friend's (who I was talking to) husband was the dentist. I walked him over to see if he could give me his professional opinion and after a quick exam said I should take him to the Pediatric dentist. Off we went the next day. They did an exam and x-rays and everything looked just fine. They said to watch the teeth and they should go back in place after a few weeks, firm up and be just fine. After a few weeks they did firm up but the left one began to discolor. We took Mr. Smiley in for his first real exam about a month after the accident and the dentist wasn't concerned about the discoloration so I didn't worry. Every few weeks I would check that tooth but it just stayed the same shade of gray. Not once did I pay attention to the other tooth.

Ok back to the story: Over the weekend I saw no improvement so I called the doctor again and left a message. That's where this story picks up. After a visit to the dentist and new medicine we headed home again. Very slowly over the next few days I started to notice a change in the blister as it got a little smaller. He had an appointment for tomorrow to have it removed but they called me Tuesday night and said there was an opening for yesterday morning. So we went in. I was a little apprehensive and wished that they wouldn't have to take his tooth, but after seeing the x-ray and hearing the explanation from the dentist I realized it was the best thing for the long term.

Mr. Smiley was so brave! We didn't tell him directly that they were going to have to take his tooth, but we spoke about it in his presence. On Tuesday night I said he was going to the dentist in the morning and he told me he was going to be brave. Then in the morning on the way there, I was about to tell him, but he said, "We're going to the dentist so they can take my tooth. It's not going to hurt mom." This boy. He was so at peace with it. I was amazed at him. He got some gas and went through the procedure with the maturity of an adult. He got a little teary and sad when the dentist was giving the Novocain, but who wouldn't? That stuff hurts!! After he was numb he just took everything in stride, unaffected by the whole situation. I have to admit I probably shed more tears than he did! The RDA gave him lots of dinosaur toys to take home and that made him happy, of course.

So that's that. My little boy is one tooth short of a full smile. He is still super adorable though!

Getting a little gas with his "robot mask" on

Many attempts at getting him to smile so I could see the space! Some day he'll smile like a human again. :)


Staceygirl said...

I love the smiles! Especially the middle one on the bottom. Kallie's been waiting and hoping for a tooth to fall out, so I think she'll be jealous :)

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! What a brave boy.

My oldest girl had to have a lot of her baby teeth pulled because they just wouldn't come out on their own. She loooooved the nitrous oxide. I had some myself when I had to get my extractions. It is pretty awesome.