20 November 2012

This happened today (actually yesterday now)

I swear it's Tuesday. I keep thinking with all the things that went on today that it couldn't have been just one day. And yet here it is: Monday. And it's still not even dinner time.

Today I cleaned up the house a little, Big Sister vacuumed her room and we sorted all the laundry. Then I put Little Sister down for a nap and jumped in the shower. When I went to check on her after my shower she had a poopy diaper. She was asleep though and there was no way I was going to wake her up as bad as it made me feel leaving her there sleeping in her feces. I took that opportunity to run the laundry over to the laundry mat and threw it in the washers. Once back to the apartment I finished cleaning up and the baby was awake. Changed a poopy diaper, vacuumed the house and called the doctor. Mr. Smiley has (what I have since found out) an abscess tooth-from when he fell on his face 6 months ago-and the antibiotics he has been on all weekend haven't worked. The doctor on Thursday just said it was "some kind of infection". Thanks for your professional opinion dude. I coulda told you that.

While I was waiting for the doctor to call back I took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook to see if anyone knew what it was. My mom called and said she showed it to the ladies in the dentist/orthodontist office she works at and that it was an abscess tooth and that he needed to be seen TODAY. They figured it would have to come out. My mother anxiety came out and so did the tears. My little boy toothless at three!? I called the dentist and made an appointment for 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Back to the laundry mat to put the clothes in the dryer. Do my hair, clean up some more and run to the apartment office to reserve the clubhouse for Big Sister's baptism after party. Back home and then when the clothes were done in the dryer bring them home. Throw them on the floor and get all the kids in the car. Then we went to a friend's house for a Thanksgiving kid party. It was great fun, my kids were entertained and happy and there was great food. Thanks Lacey!

After that we headed straight to the dentist. We got there early and Little Sister and Mr. Smiley had fallen asleep in the car so we just sat in the parking lot for a little bit. In the dentist's office they took an x-ray of Mr. Smiley's tooth and the dentist looked at him. He knew it was bad. The area above his tooth is really swollen and on the x-ray you can see the abscess very clearly. I almost cried again, but I managed to hold it in this time. It just hurts my mother heart to see my son have such issues! I will spare you the picture I took this morning. It's just gross. He said the tooth would have to be taken out but not until the swelling had gone down. He gave me a prescription for something else and we headed down to Target. I made another appointment for next week to have his tooth extracted.

Target is usually not too rough but the stress of dealing with Mr. Smiley's abscess tooth and a fussy baby made it rough. The medicine prescribed was going to be over $150 (we have Kaiser insurance and they would have covered it but because the prescription didn't come from their doctors I have to pay out of pocket) but luckily the Pharmacist was looking out for us and recommended we switch antibiotics to one that was much cheaper. I am very grateful to him. He was able to get in contact with the doctor and I only had to pay $24. While he was on the phone with the doctor I made Little Sister a bottle because she was so fussy. While the script was being filled we did some shopping. Little Sister was super fussy the whole time. She did drink her bottle but was still so upset. I had to go back and forth to the baby aisle because I kept forgetting things. We finally made it to the check out line and come to find out Little Sister is super wet--her diaper had leaked all over her clothes. No wonder she was so fussy! Sorry baby girl. The guy at the checkout was new so of course it took longer to check out than normal. But I tried to be nice. Then we headed over to the bathroom to change the diaper. I love Target for their giant "Unisex" bathrooms that you can bring your whole family plus the cart in. As I was trying to finagle the cart through the door one nice worker said he would stay outside with it so I didn't have to drag it in the bathroom. Bless you, sir. So diaper was changed and we headed out to the car and finally on our way home.

It was still only 4:30.

When we got home I finally sat down and relaxed for the first time all day. I really and truly though that it was Tuesday already. Then I realized it was still only Monday and I hadn't even had dinner yet. We had cereal and root beer floats for diner. It was just one of those days!


Bud & Kim said...

Oh my goodness! What a day. While Zu don't joy in the fact that you had such a rough day it is refreshing to hear that other mom's have them. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Maile Fano said...

Sounds like a crazy day and believe me...I DON"T like those days at all. You feel like you get nothing accomplished that was planned and no time to just relax for even a minute. Hope his extraction goes okay.

Staceygirl said...

It's crazy how most days can be so uneventful, and then a ton of things happen all at once! I love it how you had cereal and root beer floats for dinner... on bad days, sometimes I just take the kids out for frozen yogurt. Keep us posted on Mr. Smiley's tooth situation.