03 December 2012

Big Sister's Birthday

Big Sister turned 8!! on Dec 2nd. (This post is back-dated) She wanted to have a party with a few friends at the local paint your own pottery place. It sure was fun! She had 7 of her friends there and they all painted really cute animals. After the painting was done we came back to our apartment and had pizza, cake and ice cream. It was a great party--except for the rain that came in that day and made it impossible to walk the girls back to our apartment--around the corner. Thankfully a friend's mom came by to drop off a present and was able to shuttle the girls back to our house!

It was crazy hair day that day at school so that's why her hair looks like this--plus it was wet from the rain.

She asked for a pink tennis ball cake. 

Blowing out the candles!

She got an Our Generation Doll from us and all the girls were really excited about it. Grandma was helping open the packaging.


Julie said...

I love her cake! 8 is such a fun age - enjoy it!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

What a fun birthday. I'm gonna have to Google the Our Generation doll..