26 December 2012


Christmas was wonderful this year! We had tried to see Santa at a few different places, but when it came down to it we couldn't make it. So on Saturday before Christmas we decided to go to the "Christmas House" in Poway. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It was so crowded! We had to wait for 45 minutes in the 45 degree weather to see Santa. The kids loved it though. This house is awesome and we didn't even have time to see half of it. They really go all out with the decorations. I think we will try to go a little earlier in the season next year so we actually have time to walk through the grounds and the house.

A funny story about seeing Santa. The kids all sat on his lap and I took the pictures. As we were helping them down T-bone heard Santa say, "Thanks for coming J family." Of course it threw him off a little and he asked Big Sister if she had told him her name. "Nope." After some questions to "Mrs. Claus" we discovered that he knew who T-Bone was because he knew his family. A little bizarre at first though!

Each kid got a candy cane and a toy to take home! After we saw Santa we had hot chocolate and cookies at the house that they provide. It is quite the generous family that puts this on.

I was going to save the kids' outfits to give them on Christmas but I gave them early so they could wear them on Sunday.

A story about this dress: I have had my eye on this dress from Target for months but didn't want to pay what they were asking. A few weeks later I noticed it on sale but it was still a little too much. Then the Saturday before Christmas it was 25% off making it a whopping $12 bucks! Bought and paid for! I think she looks darling in it!

Little Sister fell asleep before I could take a picture of her in her new dress. 

On Christmas Eve we went over to my Dad's house for dinner. They let the kids open their presents and Mr. Smiley got a battery powered Harley that drives by itself. It's pretty cool. Big Sister got a story book and a $20 gift card to Old Navy--which she later spent on a new pair of jeans and some fake Ugg boots. The kids sure do love their Grandpa and Grandma! Here they are at Grandma and Grandpa's in the jammies they bought them a few weeks before.

We got home pretty early so we could read the Nativity story and have a little family time by ourselves. We had made rice krispie treat balls (they were supposed to be ornaments but I failed on the supplies so they ended up just being balls with chocolate chips. Santa didn't mind)  for Santa earlier so the kids put those out and went to bed. After the kids got all snug in their beds we watched a movie and then Santa came!

The kids got up at 6:30 which wasn't too bad considering I was already up. Mr. Smiley always forgets that it's Christmas so we had to remind him. :) They went to town on opening presents and it was wonderful. T-Bone took videos mostly but here are a few shots of the loots.

Top left is Mr. Smiley showing off his Spider-man transformer toy that Big Sister gave to him. Top right is Little Sister's loot: crackers, baby snacks, a book, a polka dot dress from Grandma, a new outfit a couple other little things. Bottom left is obviously Big Sister: she got a new camera, the collection of Narnia books, 4 other classic novels, a unicorn dream light, some candies, a journal a new dress from Grandma, a Lego set from Mr. Smiley and the Lorax. And the bottom right is Mr. Smiley's: a new scooter, a dog dream light, a shirt from Grandma, some Dick and Jane books, new socks, Iron Man toy, Despicable Me, a VTech ABC text toy and a Spiderman toy.

Big Sister spent the rest of the day taking pictures and videos with her new camera which she has dubbed, "The best present ever!!" It's been funny trying to explain to her that we had to wait to get our pictures developed and sometimes it was months before we finished the whole roll of film. We would forget what pictures we had taken. When I told her that she looked at me all shocked and said, "You had to wait to see your pictures??" Waiting, such a foreign concept.

All the kids were really happy and the rest of the day we just watched movies and played with our toys! It was a great Christmas!


bythelbs said...

Your kids are seriously cute. Glad you had such a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days when I'd pay $8 to develop a roll of film and it would turn out to have maybe two pictures that were any good. The dark ages, man! Our children have it so much better.

Your kids are adorable, as always.