01 July 2013


"My promise to you who pray and serve the Lord cannot be that you will have every blessing you may wish for 
yourself and your family. But can promise you that the Savior will draw close to you and bless 
you and your family with what is best. You will have the comfort of His love and feel the answer of His 
drawing closer as you reach out your arms in giving service to others."--Henry B Eyring

This blog is not dead and for that I'm grateful. I don't have any other place to write down things about my kids and I would hate for them to be grown up and not have anything to read about their lives. I've been on Instagram a lot more but that doesn't mean I can't put some thoughts down here every once and a while. 

The quote means a lot to me. I listened to this talk from the April 2013 General Conference just now and really needed to hear that. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 kids. Right now the arrangement is manageable because all three kids are in the master bedroom and we are in the small room. However for the last couple years we have been trying to move into a bigger place. There have been three places over the last 2 years that we have desired to move to and 2 have fallen through and one we have turned down. The most recent being last month. In April we found what we thought was the perfect apartment. First of all we could afford it! Second it was a 3-bedroom and third it had washer and dryer hookups! We quickly did what was needed to get on the interest list and within a couple weeks we were offered an apartment. Both the husband and I really felt like this was the place. This was the right course of action for our family. 

We went through the application process and were slated to move the middle of last month. 10 days before we were supposed to move they told us that we were not approved. WHAT?!? Telling the truth I was devastated. I had longed for this apartment and really felt like Heavenly Father was guiding us there. 

But alas it wasn't meant to be. 

I have struggled with this for the last couple weeks which is why the quote by Elder Eyring really hit me. I have come to some realizations the last week or so that my priorities have been way off and need readjusting. The idea that Heavenly Father will give us what we need when we are doing our part and trying to draw closer to the Savior is just the icing on the cake to what I've heard and read the last two days. Patience is hard! Even though it's hard to wait I'm comforted by the fact that Heavenly Father knows me and he will give us what we need when the time is right.  

If you want to watch or read the talk by Elder Eying here is the link: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2013/04/come-unto-me?lang=eng

09 April 2013

15 Months Old!

Little Sister is 15 months old today! I can't believe it. Most of the time I look at her and wonder how we have another person in our family. Am I the only one that does that?

Just a few updates for history:
--She can say 3 words: mommy, daddy, and uh oh
--Today she made a doggy sound when I asked her
--She weighs barely 20 pounds--such a little person!
--She has the silliest faces and makes such funny noises throughout the day we can't help but laugh.
--She usually won't eat things off her high chair tray but instead insists on us poking her food with a fork and then giving her the fork so she can put it in her mouth.
--She can sign "more", clap and give high fives. When she gives a high five she makes a grunting sound.
--She is learning that if uses her high pitched scream she can get our attention...lovely.
--She has all the teeth she should have at this age--including all her 1 year molars and her canines.

Here are some pictures of this silly, darling cutie pie over the last month!
Being silly while Mr. Smiley gets his hair cut today

Getting ready for an Easter egg hunt

All the necessities for church: sippy cup, baby and necklace

I was sitting out here on the porch and went inside for a minute. When I came back out this is what I found.

I tried to tell her it was easier to hold the basket with the eggs in it but she wouldn't listen.
PS I know some of these are duplicates from the last post, but I wanted to post them anyway. :)

03 April 2013

The Best Spring Break Ever!

...Or so said Big Sister last week. By Tuesday she was already claiming it to be the best spring break ever and it had just started.  Granted we did have quiet a fun event-filled week.

On Monday we met some friends at the park but after only an hour and a half it was way crowded and the little babies were getting tired. My friend offered to take Big Sister and Mr. Smiley to her house instead to play. What I planned on being a couple hours turned into all day and I didn't pick them up until after 6. They were in heaven! In the meantime Little Sister and I did some laundry and had some good one on one bonding time.

She learned how to climb up on her toy and balance

On Tuesday we played outside in the morning and then after Little Sister woke up we met some different friends at a different park for a couple hours. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous so we had to spend our time outside!

Wednesday I took the kids to Art Soup because I had a couple free passes I had been holding on to. They had a blast! They have a huge craft station where they have things already put together that you can just paint and decorate. Big Sister made lots of things while Mr. Smiley took his time painting a huge shark green. The both put copious amounts of glitter on their art projects. Little Sister liked coloring with chalk and eating it. Then we met my mom and went out to lunch.
Painting the car

Glitter makes everything better

Big Sister with her bunny and Mr. Smiley with his shark
On Thursday we prepared to go camping! The kids had been looking forward to this every since Thanksgiving--or as we like to call it the pukiest camping ever. We hoped there would be no rain and no puking and we were not disappointed! The weather was lovely, the company was wonderful and all had a good time. Big Sister is big enough that she takes off with her friend and they ride their bikes or scooters all day only taking breaks to eat and beg an adult to take them to the pool. Even the Husband and I snuck away the first night after the kids were asleep to spend some time with other adults in the hot tub. The kids slept decent and were mostly happy while we were there. On Friday the Husband and I took out a kayak someone had brought and it was just gorgeous being on the bay. It was a smidgen cold, but not chilly. Little Sister came with us and I guess the water was so relaxing because she fell asleep! Poor Husband had to row the whole time, but it was good for him to get some exercise. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning at Campland and then had to pack up. All good things have to come to an end sometime. The fun for the day wasn't over yet though.

Camping hair

Friday morning she woke up really early but fell back asleep on me

A little later after she had woken up a bit. :)

She was very dirty all weekend

We got home, unpacked and showered so we could hurry to my Dad's house for their Easter party.  My sister and her family came into town and my step-sister and her family were there too. My Dad and step-mom had a great dinner and egg hunt planned for the kids and all were happy at the end with their results.

Dirty and boogery again. This time it's M&M drool all over her face. 

Sunday was Easter but since we were going to be gone over the weekend I gave the kids their Easter baskets last Saturday (we do baskets on Saturday and don't do the Easter bunny so it's no big deal). It was good because we were really able to focus on the true meaning of Easter. We went through the Resurrection Eggs with the kids and they really enjoyed that and then got ready for church. The fun didn't stop there either. Right after church we hurried to another friend's house and had an Easter dinner and another egg hunt! Then we took the kids on this huge tire swing that is in the gulch behind their house. The fun did have to end finally and about 7pm we headed home so we could get our kids to bed at a decent hour.
All the kids ready for the hunt

Tire swing!

It's really hard to hold 2 eggs and a basket at the same time. Of course they can't go in the basket. 
Mr. Smiley with his loot

Mr. Smiley hanging out with Kim

These two babies were born on the same day! And from the back they look identical.
Big Sister was sad to have to go to school again after such an eventful, fun week full of friends, family, food and activities. And apparently 85% of my pictures that I take are of Little Sister. She's just too darned cute! Happy Spring Break!

I made this over Spring Break Happy Easter!

01 March 2013

Sick Day

I have to say its been up and down with me being a good employee here at home. I have had some days where I only sit down a couple times during the day and other days where I only get off the couch a couple times. But I'm changing my mindset and that is what matters. When I have found myself being to lazy I do my best to get up and be productive.

Today I'm taking a sick day though.

I haven't been sick much this winter--just a bout with the stomach flu in November and a light cold in December. My kids and husband have all been sick around me but I've been lucky to avoid it so far. I think wiping too many boogery noses finally did me in. I had some allergy symptoms a couple days ago and it always seems that when I have allergies they develop into a cold. Luckily this one isnt too severe but I'm still calling a sick day.

Too bad I have kids at home and can't just lay down and watch all eight hours of Anne of Green Gables like when I was a kid. I'm going to rest while I can because its sure to be back to work tomorrow.

06 February 2013

Taking Pride in my job

I am a stay at home mom and a homemaker. These are my jobs. I've had an epiphany about this lately and I wanted to share it. Every day my husband leaves and goes to his job. He works for 8+ hours a day with a few breaks in between for sanity. He stays busy and gets work done. The only excuses he has for not getting work done is he has too much work to do or he is being lazy. I've found that this is true for my job too only the "too many things to do" category can be fudged a little. Let's be honest, most of the time I don't have too many things to do. That just leaves one other option: I'm lazy.

At the end of the day I can very well say I didn't have time during the day to empty the dishwasher or put away my laundry or straighten up the bathroom or make my bed or vacuum those crumbs off the floor...you get the idea...because I had "too much to do". But frankly it's not really true. I have the time for these tasks, I'm just not taking them. I realized lately that if I want my house to be in order and clean then I have to make that a priority. I have been knitting a LOT lately. I love knitting, I love that I can create something out of yarn and that it is relaxing but it's not my job. I thought "what if my husband went to work and he spent all day playing games on his phone or knitting (ha! That would be a sight)? He'd get fired." Let's just say I should be fired from my job with the performance that I've had in the last few months-between playing on my phone and knitting/crocheting I haven't been a stellar employee.

So I've decided something: I need to do better. I need to take more pride in my job. It is a job after all. While it is not a well-paying job it still is a job. So just in the last few days I've tried to take this attitude through the day. No more excuses why I haven't done something (unless it is to play with my kids. That one is always valid) And let me tell you that it's worked! I've gotten so many things done! I've cleaned off piles of papers on the counters (you know what I mean), put away all the laundry, went to the storage unit and organized it, organized desk spaces, kept the bathroom clean (I hate putting my blowdryer and straightener away, I don't know why) and tons of other things. No more being lazy, no more walking by that sock that has been in the hallway all day, no more moving piles of papers to another location--actually going through them. No more being lazy.

Now I have to say that this has really dipped into my internet, game playing and knitting time and you know what? I'm okay with it. My life has been better since I haven't been sitting on the couch lazily checking my phone to see if anyone posted a new picture, a witty antidote, or taken their turn in Words with Friends. I do miss the knitting, but I still do that at night after the kids go to bed or during a quick pick-me-up break. I do give myself breaks to play a quick game or check the Facebooks or the Instagrams during the day--I have to have breaks--but they are not all the time anymore.

I have to say that all this is very ironic considering I got my very own Forever Lazy (complete with butt flap) yesterday. Well, time to put it on and go to work!

27 January 2013

Little Sister Turned ONE!

Just a couple days after Big Sister was baptized Little Sister had her first birthday on January 9th! We just had a small cake from Nothing Bundt Cake and sang happy birthday to her. She's only one after all! I gave her her present a few days before because when it came in the mail she saw the box and got really excited about it.

She took her first steps right around 11 months, but it sort of took her a little while to catch on to taking more. For a few weeks all she would take was 4 steps and then fall down. Just in the last week and half she learned how to stand up from the floor and then her walking really took off! She's been unstoppable this week and now she won't even let us hold her hand when she's walking. She's too grown up I guess! She has said mama, dada, hi and all done, but doesn't really anymore. It's like one's she's mastered it, she doesn't want to do it anymore. It's been the same with waving, clapping, and signing all done.

She is such a joy to have in our family. She is rarely upset but does have her moments, of course. She sleeps well and still takes two 1 1/2 hour naps. She loves toys and will play by herself fairly well. She will play longer if I'm in the room too so sometimes I'll just bring my phone or knitting into the bedroom and watch her play. She loves shaky, rattle toys--a first for one of our kids and knocking down towers.

She is a great hugger and slobbery kisser and really does love to be held. She is the first one of our kids to take a pacifier and really loves that too! I'm thinking about taking it away but can't bring myself to do it. She only gets it at naps and bedtimes so it's not a lot, but I still feel like we need to start getting her off it. She is also the only baby to take a bottle. I stopped nursing her about 10 months--after we came back from New York my milk supply never recovered so I had to wean her--so we are working on getting her off that too.

One other thing, she loves the bath! It's pretty funny because a couple months ago we put her in the big tub with Mr. Smiley and she screamed bloody murder. The next couple weeks bath times were torture until I thought "maybe I'll sit her on a washcloth." It worked! So she sat on a washcloth for a couple times and then once she got used to the water I took the cloth away and she has been happy in there ever since. Now she begs to get in the bath every time we are in the bathroom.

I can't tell you how much I love this little person that came into our family just over a year ago. As you can see I take lots of pictures of her because she is just too darned cute! I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much. When she smiles my heart melts. When she laughs I just want her to laugh more. Her joy is contagious and I hope she stays this way forever! I love you Little Sister!

Big Sister's Baptism

We are so proud that Big Sister decided to be baptized a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Jan 5, 2013. It was a happy day for her dad and I. She was surrounded by lots of family and friends to make the day special for her. Her dad baptized and confirmed her. After the baptism we came back to our apartment complex and had an after-party in the clubhouse. It worked out really well! I made 3 soups (creamy potato, tomato basil, and a white bean chili). They were all really yummy! Then we had salad, rolls and tons of cookies! I didn't get any pictures of the food, bummer... Her cousins from Arizona came, all her grandparents, a great grandparent, her friend Caroline with her mom, her friend Marion with her mom, and lots of friends from the ward. I think overall we had 65 people there. A lot of people love Big Sister!

Big Sister and her cousin who got baptized the week before

An attempt at a family picture. It was really sunny outside. 

All dressed in white!
Some of the "J" family that came from Arizona
Big Sister's Grandma and Great Grandma
I think this is all the "J" family that came. (Minus the grandparents)
Mr. Smiley 
Big Sister and her two cousins. The one in the middle is 6 months older than Big Sister and the one on the right is 12 months older than her. 
It was such a special day and we are glad that we could spend it with so many people.