27 January 2013

Little Sister Turned ONE!

Just a couple days after Big Sister was baptized Little Sister had her first birthday on January 9th! We just had a small cake from Nothing Bundt Cake and sang happy birthday to her. She's only one after all! I gave her her present a few days before because when it came in the mail she saw the box and got really excited about it.

She took her first steps right around 11 months, but it sort of took her a little while to catch on to taking more. For a few weeks all she would take was 4 steps and then fall down. Just in the last week and half she learned how to stand up from the floor and then her walking really took off! She's been unstoppable this week and now she won't even let us hold her hand when she's walking. She's too grown up I guess! She has said mama, dada, hi and all done, but doesn't really anymore. It's like one's she's mastered it, she doesn't want to do it anymore. It's been the same with waving, clapping, and signing all done.

She is such a joy to have in our family. She is rarely upset but does have her moments, of course. She sleeps well and still takes two 1 1/2 hour naps. She loves toys and will play by herself fairly well. She will play longer if I'm in the room too so sometimes I'll just bring my phone or knitting into the bedroom and watch her play. She loves shaky, rattle toys--a first for one of our kids and knocking down towers.

She is a great hugger and slobbery kisser and really does love to be held. She is the first one of our kids to take a pacifier and really loves that too! I'm thinking about taking it away but can't bring myself to do it. She only gets it at naps and bedtimes so it's not a lot, but I still feel like we need to start getting her off it. She is also the only baby to take a bottle. I stopped nursing her about 10 months--after we came back from New York my milk supply never recovered so I had to wean her--so we are working on getting her off that too.

One other thing, she loves the bath! It's pretty funny because a couple months ago we put her in the big tub with Mr. Smiley and she screamed bloody murder. The next couple weeks bath times were torture until I thought "maybe I'll sit her on a washcloth." It worked! So she sat on a washcloth for a couple times and then once she got used to the water I took the cloth away and she has been happy in there ever since. Now she begs to get in the bath every time we are in the bathroom.

I can't tell you how much I love this little person that came into our family just over a year ago. As you can see I take lots of pictures of her because she is just too darned cute! I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much. When she smiles my heart melts. When she laughs I just want her to laugh more. Her joy is contagious and I hope she stays this way forever! I love you Little Sister!


Cheryl said...

She's so cute! Happy birthday, little sis!

Anonymous said...

SHE IS SO FREAKING ADORABLE! Happy birthday to her!

Julie said...

That is one sweetheart of an adorable baby. And I hear you talk about her -- just like a mama should - so much love.