06 February 2013

Taking Pride in my job

I am a stay at home mom and a homemaker. These are my jobs. I've had an epiphany about this lately and I wanted to share it. Every day my husband leaves and goes to his job. He works for 8+ hours a day with a few breaks in between for sanity. He stays busy and gets work done. The only excuses he has for not getting work done is he has too much work to do or he is being lazy. I've found that this is true for my job too only the "too many things to do" category can be fudged a little. Let's be honest, most of the time I don't have too many things to do. That just leaves one other option: I'm lazy.

At the end of the day I can very well say I didn't have time during the day to empty the dishwasher or put away my laundry or straighten up the bathroom or make my bed or vacuum those crumbs off the floor...you get the idea...because I had "too much to do". But frankly it's not really true. I have the time for these tasks, I'm just not taking them. I realized lately that if I want my house to be in order and clean then I have to make that a priority. I have been knitting a LOT lately. I love knitting, I love that I can create something out of yarn and that it is relaxing but it's not my job. I thought "what if my husband went to work and he spent all day playing games on his phone or knitting (ha! That would be a sight)? He'd get fired." Let's just say I should be fired from my job with the performance that I've had in the last few months-between playing on my phone and knitting/crocheting I haven't been a stellar employee.

So I've decided something: I need to do better. I need to take more pride in my job. It is a job after all. While it is not a well-paying job it still is a job. So just in the last few days I've tried to take this attitude through the day. No more excuses why I haven't done something (unless it is to play with my kids. That one is always valid) And let me tell you that it's worked! I've gotten so many things done! I've cleaned off piles of papers on the counters (you know what I mean), put away all the laundry, went to the storage unit and organized it, organized desk spaces, kept the bathroom clean (I hate putting my blowdryer and straightener away, I don't know why) and tons of other things. No more being lazy, no more walking by that sock that has been in the hallway all day, no more moving piles of papers to another location--actually going through them. No more being lazy.

Now I have to say that this has really dipped into my internet, game playing and knitting time and you know what? I'm okay with it. My life has been better since I haven't been sitting on the couch lazily checking my phone to see if anyone posted a new picture, a witty antidote, or taken their turn in Words with Friends. I do miss the knitting, but I still do that at night after the kids go to bed or during a quick pick-me-up break. I do give myself breaks to play a quick game or check the Facebooks or the Instagrams during the day--I have to have breaks--but they are not all the time anymore.

I have to say that all this is very ironic considering I got my very own Forever Lazy (complete with butt flap) yesterday. Well, time to put it on and go to work!