01 March 2013

Sick Day

I have to say its been up and down with me being a good employee here at home. I have had some days where I only sit down a couple times during the day and other days where I only get off the couch a couple times. But I'm changing my mindset and that is what matters. When I have found myself being to lazy I do my best to get up and be productive.

Today I'm taking a sick day though.

I haven't been sick much this winter--just a bout with the stomach flu in November and a light cold in December. My kids and husband have all been sick around me but I've been lucky to avoid it so far. I think wiping too many boogery noses finally did me in. I had some allergy symptoms a couple days ago and it always seems that when I have allergies they develop into a cold. Luckily this one isnt too severe but I'm still calling a sick day.

Too bad I have kids at home and can't just lay down and watch all eight hours of Anne of Green Gables like when I was a kid. I'm going to rest while I can because its sure to be back to work tomorrow.

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