03 April 2013

The Best Spring Break Ever!

...Or so said Big Sister last week. By Tuesday she was already claiming it to be the best spring break ever and it had just started.  Granted we did have quiet a fun event-filled week.

On Monday we met some friends at the park but after only an hour and a half it was way crowded and the little babies were getting tired. My friend offered to take Big Sister and Mr. Smiley to her house instead to play. What I planned on being a couple hours turned into all day and I didn't pick them up until after 6. They were in heaven! In the meantime Little Sister and I did some laundry and had some good one on one bonding time.

She learned how to climb up on her toy and balance

On Tuesday we played outside in the morning and then after Little Sister woke up we met some different friends at a different park for a couple hours. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous so we had to spend our time outside!

Wednesday I took the kids to Art Soup because I had a couple free passes I had been holding on to. They had a blast! They have a huge craft station where they have things already put together that you can just paint and decorate. Big Sister made lots of things while Mr. Smiley took his time painting a huge shark green. The both put copious amounts of glitter on their art projects. Little Sister liked coloring with chalk and eating it. Then we met my mom and went out to lunch.
Painting the car

Glitter makes everything better

Big Sister with her bunny and Mr. Smiley with his shark
On Thursday we prepared to go camping! The kids had been looking forward to this every since Thanksgiving--or as we like to call it the pukiest camping ever. We hoped there would be no rain and no puking and we were not disappointed! The weather was lovely, the company was wonderful and all had a good time. Big Sister is big enough that she takes off with her friend and they ride their bikes or scooters all day only taking breaks to eat and beg an adult to take them to the pool. Even the Husband and I snuck away the first night after the kids were asleep to spend some time with other adults in the hot tub. The kids slept decent and were mostly happy while we were there. On Friday the Husband and I took out a kayak someone had brought and it was just gorgeous being on the bay. It was a smidgen cold, but not chilly. Little Sister came with us and I guess the water was so relaxing because she fell asleep! Poor Husband had to row the whole time, but it was good for him to get some exercise. We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning at Campland and then had to pack up. All good things have to come to an end sometime. The fun for the day wasn't over yet though.

Camping hair

Friday morning she woke up really early but fell back asleep on me

A little later after she had woken up a bit. :)

She was very dirty all weekend

We got home, unpacked and showered so we could hurry to my Dad's house for their Easter party.  My sister and her family came into town and my step-sister and her family were there too. My Dad and step-mom had a great dinner and egg hunt planned for the kids and all were happy at the end with their results.

Dirty and boogery again. This time it's M&M drool all over her face. 

Sunday was Easter but since we were going to be gone over the weekend I gave the kids their Easter baskets last Saturday (we do baskets on Saturday and don't do the Easter bunny so it's no big deal). It was good because we were really able to focus on the true meaning of Easter. We went through the Resurrection Eggs with the kids and they really enjoyed that and then got ready for church. The fun didn't stop there either. Right after church we hurried to another friend's house and had an Easter dinner and another egg hunt! Then we took the kids on this huge tire swing that is in the gulch behind their house. The fun did have to end finally and about 7pm we headed home so we could get our kids to bed at a decent hour.
All the kids ready for the hunt

Tire swing!

It's really hard to hold 2 eggs and a basket at the same time. Of course they can't go in the basket. 
Mr. Smiley with his loot

Mr. Smiley hanging out with Kim

These two babies were born on the same day! And from the back they look identical.
Big Sister was sad to have to go to school again after such an eventful, fun week full of friends, family, food and activities. And apparently 85% of my pictures that I take are of Little Sister. She's just too darned cute! Happy Spring Break!

I made this over Spring Break Happy Easter!

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Julie said...

Well done, Mama!! I love when my kids express those feelings.
Camping sounds like so much fun. I love that your weather is allowing that for you. Lucky!!!
Also, that art place?? How cool is that?!?!